Thursday, June 25, 2015

Need Some Color?

Do you follow Catherine at Chic Geek?  I love her fun, colorful and preppy picks both when it comes to the home and fashion.  Both feeds on her blog and IG is a must!  I always leave inspired by her picks.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Coastal Chic for a New Client

It's been a while!  Summer has started and everyday is a fun filled day with my kiddos! :)  Swimming, baseball, BBQs and a little tennis thrown in for good measure!  Moreover, right before Memorial Day, I started working on a new project for a young family's great room.  Coastal chic with a bit of prep is what this young mama with two boys wants and I've been working on her design for several weeks now.

Like every young family, affordability and durability are of the upmost important and I tried to do that without sacrificing too much originality.  Above is a very high-level snippet of the whole design.    Their space definitely posed challenges, so it'll be interesting to see this all come together.  Hope everyone's summer is off to a great start or just about to start!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Martha Vineyard's Home

There are so many elements I love about this home.  The nautical touches, the subdued, but fun use of color and pattern and all the classical elements running throughout the home.  

I love how colonial this dining room feels.  The above room was the inspiration for my dining room; see our dining room progress here.  

Is that Katie Ridder's Peony pattern in a rug? (above).  I've never seen it as a rug before.  

This home has all my favorites - striped walls, painted floors, spindles, empire lamp shades, gold framed nautical oil paintings, Katie Ridder fabrics, blue and green colors, antique furnishings and colonial touches.  To see more of this home designed by Molly Luetkemeyer (m. design interiors), go here.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our Dining Room: Paint Progress

Life has been hurdling by at breakneck speed (is May almost over….seriously?) and there has been much going on in our household.  School just got out and we're gearing up for summer.  This means lots of outdoor activities and projects.  BUT, we're still trying to tie up some loose ends with some of our indoor spring projects.  Specifically, we're trying to finish up our dining room.  I'm very excited to tell you that our dining room is almost fully painted.

Remember, this post where I was undecided with painting just the trim OR painting the trim and below the chair rail?  Well, the decision has been made….

{in progress: window mullions still need to still be painted}

I'm in love.  Seriously.  I originally just wanted the molding/trim painted blue, but after living with it for  a week or two, the space didn't feel grounded enough.  It felt to ethereal and I decided I needed more color.

{in progress}

So my very patient husband granted my wish and painted below the chair rail this past memorial day weekend and I love how it turned out.  

The above fabric will be for the floor length lined window panels.  I will be doing black hardware so it ties in with the black lantern.  I still need to decide if I want to have a woven shade layered behind the panels and what type of pleat for the panels. 

Here you can see the various types of pleats my seamstress does and I want the french triple pleat (top row…third from the left).

Above is the fabric scheme I am considering for the DR.  The ticking and check will be used as slips on the chairs and the les indiennes floral will be used as two pillows on the head chairs flanking the cupboard.

So, we're slowly getting there.  There is still a ton to be done and I will save the other details like the furniture and slipcovered parson chairs for a later post (when I have some pics)!!!  Hope you enjoyed!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Get the Look - Chinoiserie Chic

Lately, I've been inspired by bright, bold and colorful interiors.  And, I dare say a bit of chinoiserie!  This look has been out there for a loooong time and many times (I feel) it is completely overdone and trendy.

But, I stumbled on a couple of images this past week that have me inspired and when done right, chinoiserie can look fresh and cool!

The key is to keep the color choices to a minimum.  Here is my first interpretation… it chinoiserie, nautical and traditional all wrapped in one.

The image below inspired this look!  I love how this rather small and narrow hallway/entry carries a good punch and has personality.  And, such a small space should have color to make it stand out.

It comes from Alison Pringle's feed on IG and she owns her own design firm called Baker Ballard Interiors.  I love her bold and colorful style and she does the chinoiserie chic look very well!  Click here to see a video of her 400 square foot apartment!  It's great!

Here is another chinoiserie design (fairly different) that I drew up inspired by Susanna Salk's dining room.

Susanna Salk's dining room inspired this look.  See below.  Love it!  It's bold, fresh and tasteful.  Her home is incredible too if you haven't seen it!  

If you are interested in any of the sources, leave a comment and I'm happy to share!  I'm off to enjoy this beautiful day with my little one!  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Get this Patio Look on the SUPER Cheap

I have always LOVED Olivia Brock's patio from the Lacquered Life blog.  I remember seeing it in Southern Living and just loved how comfortable, casual and chic it looked.

In an effort to recreate the above look, I am proud to say I've created this look on the super cheap!!
Here is my inspiration.

Here are the details.  

The hardest part was finding a metal/aluminum clean lined patio set with green cushions that literally wasn't over $1000.  I found this set for $299 from Walmart and it has great reviews.

I ordered it and it'll arrive this week so I will update you to let you know about comfort, etc.  The key is not to have things matchey-matchey so I plan on breaking up this set.

I will pair the sofa with two Byholma Ikea chairs (see below) and then I plan on putting the two Walmart lounge chairs in a separate spot to create another small and intimate spot for conversation.

For the sofa, I plan on putting the pottery barn sunbrella trellis pillows in putty to break up the green.

And, then I would add Serena and Lilly's pinstriped pillows in navy on each one of the Ikea chairs (and if budget allows one on the sofa too).  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pillows.

I love World Market's garden stools for $60 and would use this as an accent table.

And, this look isn't complete without an antique galvanized metal watering can to be used for your hydrangea clippings!! ;)

So, there you have it!  I am really excited that I was able to get all these super cheap but chic pieces for our outdoor deck/patio!  Next week we have family visiting us from MI, MD and FLA to celebrate my son's first Holy Communion so this is all perfect timing.  

Once, everything is in place I will come back to share pictures!!  

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Quick Fix - Before and After

Moving stuff around (#MSA) the house gets my creative juices flowing.   Nine times out of ten it is all I need for the room to feel 'fresh' again.  

This week I found a window of time and decided to freshen up our built-ins in our family room.  I recently purchased a Ralph Lauren blue and white porcelain lamp from HomeGoods and wanted to see if it would work well in the space.   So, here is the after (with lamp in picture)….


And, here was the before. 


Major improvement and I am definitely keeping the HomeGoods blue and white lamp.  See how moving stuff around #MSA works!!!  Nothing is new (except the lamp).  

Of course, now I want to paint the back of the built-ins a blueish color.   I played around yesterday with samples and here is one option (see paint swatch behind lamp)…

I like it, but I think I want darker! :)  Now, just to find the time to do this!  Happy weekend!