Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Purchase for our Master

Over the summer I made an impulsive decision to buy an upholstered chair for our master bedroom.  Very unlike me when it comes to furniture and especially when I don't have the design of a room entirely fleshed out, but in this particular case, the deal was too good to pass up.

Meet Elise…

You can find her at Ballards - the Elise Club Chair.  I got her for less than one third of the full retail price.

She is perfect.  She is smaller than most club chairs and fits perfectly in the small corner of our master bedroom.  She is extremely comfortable and very stylish.  I love her waterfall skirt.  Of course, I think she pairs well with the Colefax and Fowler Bowood fabric I plan to use in our master.

At first I wasn't sure if I liked her accentuated shaped arms, but they have grown on me and now I love them.   I now have started to notice these accentuated shaped arms in other rooms that I have loved.


This chair is a great option if you need a smaller scale club like chair but don't want to sacrifice on comfort and style!  I highly recommend it!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Entry - Progress

It has taken me entirely too long to decide on a paint color for our entryway.  Paint is not expensive, so if it is the wrong color, it can be easily fixed so there really are no excuses.  But, our entry leads into three rooms (living room, dining room and kitchen) and I don't have the exact colors selected for these rooms yet.  I generally know the direction I want, but not knowing exactly made selecting our entry paint color even harder.  I knew I wanted a neutral color, but which one?

If you remember this post, I was completely set on white (see inspiration pictures).  But, as dreamy as the inspiration pictures look, our entry lacks natural light, architectural details and space/height.  We plan on rectifying this in the future, but for now, this is what we have.   So, a white color with no natural light and no pretty architectural details seemed wrong for the space.  

Also, there was the furniture to consider.  Ideally, for our entry, I would love to have an antique piece as the foundation.  Something like this would do…

But, right now that is not in the cards given that I'd like to save money for a new dining table and chairs.  So, I am stuck with using a cream colored shaker console that my lovely husband found at the dump (when we lived in CT). :)  :)  

So, after testing a thousand paint choices, I went with BM Edgecomb Gray at half strength (50% lighter).  Why half strength?  Because I wanted it lighter.   And, I'll be honest.  When we get natural light in our entry (always in the afternoon), I LOVE it.  Beautiful color.  Perfect.  But, in the morning, with little natural light, it seems a little too dark to me.  But, I think, until we can get more natural light in there, any color will not look 100% right.  

So, this is what we started out with…..this was the previous owner's decor….


And now PROGRESS - BM Edgecomb Gray at 50%

Here's another view - midway painting…you can see the difference between the original and new color 

So, the jury is still out, but I think it is a significant improvement.  I threw together a quick idea board of where I am going with this space.  See below.  

I definitely want to use the green pagoda lantern in our hallway.  It is the perfect size and I love the color!  I also plan on upholstering/slipcovering two storage cubes to fit under the console.  You can see the fabric choices above.  I haven't decided.  I might not even go with either….we'll see.  But, I do know, I want to finish this space quickly.  I'm tired of thinking about it and I am ready to move onto to the next room!! 

PS: In case you're wondering, I can't wait to rip out our carpeted stair runner and replace it!  I also plan on painting the banister black, hang sconces and pictures.  The list goes on….

Friday, September 5, 2014

See what I am loving...

Happy Friday!!  

While this week was a short week, it was a very productive week on the home front.  I felt like things were just clicking with my decorating choices.  Does that ever happen to you?  Where it just works and it feels like an 'A-ha' moment.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - I love this color scheme for a master bedroom.  It's a departure from the predictable blue, but I think it still reads serene and relaxing.  I would paint the walls a creamy white and then use the green on the trim.  This artwork has the perfect colors and the green pagoda lantern is my new favorite light which would complement the green on the trim.  The sister parish fabric would look adorable as a bolster on the bed and as window treatments.  I would used the PB oversized gilt frames as frames to add some gold touches.  I have used these frames before and I love them.   

6 - Would love a wicker umbrella basket for our entry way.  

7 - I need new flatware STAT and currently like this style.  Do you have flatware that you love?  Please share!  

Next week I will post the design board for our entry and show you pictures of our entry walls finally painted in the new color!  

Friday, August 29, 2014

New Scenes around our House

I finally joined instagram!  Come follow me here!!  I can't get over it……it is a whole different level of stimuli and inspiration.  It's pretty insane….I have no other words for it.

Around the home front, I have been making strides in certain areas of our home.  I am very excited for the kids to start school next week and hope I can start making faster progress, but here are some snapshots.

Our Entry - in progress

We are painting our entry this holiday weekend.  The entry is already primed and I am still undecided on the hall color - see swatches on the wall.  I am leaning towards the color swatch on the bottom row third from the left.  When I asked my husband what color he liked, he responded, 'leave it as is (primed), it's cheaper'.  Typical! :)

BTW, the whitewashed mirror is my latest find at World Market.

Our family room - in progress

Earlier this summer, I bought Serena and Lilly's outdoor/indoor 'captiva' pillows in chambray.  It's more of a summer look, and I've enjoyed the change from my original pillows (which are more for the fall).  See below picture.

Do you have a preference?  Excuse the wrinkled linen!! :)

E's room - in progress

My daughter's window treatment is finally up!  Love, love, love it.  It completely makes her room.  I am so close to finishing her room, I can hardly stand it!!  See previous updates here.

I have more home updates on my instagram account so hop over and follow me here!!

Well, I do hope you all have a lovely and safe long weekend!!  See you next week!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Patio Inspiration

With summer slowly coming to an end (boo), I have my dream set on purchasing a new patio set with the intent of taking advantage of the 'end of summer' sales!  I am eyeing the Galante sofa and lounge chair(s) from Ballard Designs.

Even on sale, I'd have to save a pretty penny or two.  But, oh, how I love a rattan look.

I created a design board using the Galante loveseat and some of my favorite fabrics from Peter Dunham.  I'd order the loveseat cushions in 'spa' and would use Dunham's following fabrics for cushions: Fig-leaf, Udaipur (indigo) and Rajmata (indigo).

His fabrics are so inviting and would really make a patio area so warm and comfortable.  Of course, our current wooden deck would have to go and instead, I would install bluestone pavers.

I'd say this would be the perfect spot for an evening outdoors and a glass of wine (or two)! ;)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Wrapping up Summer!

This summer has been wonderful.  I'm not ready to welcome fall just yet.  This is the first summer (in the past 3 years) where we haven't been either pregnant, moving and/or moving again! :)  We enjoyed it to it's fullest and spent time welcoming family to Louisville and visiting family in Florida and Michigan.




Good-bye Summer 2014!  We will miss you!  I hope you all have had a wonderful summer!!  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Progress: E's room

Remember this post?  My inspiration for my daughter's room?  Well, I am happy to report we are making progress in E's room.  We are in the process of painting her room and will be finished this weekend.  See below.

It still looks pretty non-descript as only one coat is on the walls, but it'll be a huge improvement.  The color is Pointing (Farrow & Ball) and I had it color matched at the Benjamin Moore store.  It's a soft creamy white without the 'yellow' tones.  The color before was purple (see below - this was the color when we moved into our house).

If you remember here, I told you that I was on the fence about what to do about her glider.  I really wanted to have a slipcover made with scallops.  I went back and forth about whether to buy a new chair or have a slipcover made, but when I found a seamstress who would be willing to do the scalloped hem, my decision was easy. And, I am so happy I went with the slipcover.

Before: Glider

After: Glider

Such an improvement, huh?  It's so sweet.  It is a white matelasse fabric that I got on sale and it'll be easy to wash (and bleach) if I need to down the road.  

Also, if you remember, I talked about doing a little slip for E's rocking chair.  This was my husband's baby chair when he was little and I am so happy to use it in her room.  Long ago, I remember I wanted to paint to it and I am so happy I didn't!  

Rocking Chair: Before

Rocking Chair: After

Isn't it sweet?  I love the toile fabric and the bows on the back of the chair.  And, I love how the main setting of the two girls and the boy fishing is centered on the seat of the rocking chair.

I can already see telling stories about this scene with my daughter.  Well, that is it for now.  It's coming together and I can't wait to have her window treatment installed!  It won't be long now.