Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Get the Look - Chinoiserie Chic

Lately, I've been inspired by bright, bold and colorful interiors.  And, I dare say a bit of chinoiserie!  This look has been out there for a loooong time and many times (I feel) it is completely overdone and trendy.

But, I stumbled on a couple of images this past week that have me inspired and when done right, chinoiserie can look fresh and cool!

The key is to keep the color choices to a minimum.  Here is my first interpretation… it chinoiserie, nautical and traditional all wrapped in one.

The image below inspired this look!  I love how this rather small and narrow hallway/entry carries a good punch and has personality.  And, such a small space should have color to make it stand out.

It comes from Alison Pringle's feed on IG and she owns her own design firm called Baker Ballard Interiors.  I love her bold and colorful style and she does the chinoiserie chic look very well!  Click here to see a video of her 400 square foot apartment!  It's great!

Here is another chinoiserie design (fairly different) that I drew up inspired by Susanna Salk's dining room.

Susanna Salk's dining room inspired this look.  See below.  Love it!  It's bold, fresh and tasteful.  Her home is incredible too if you haven't seen it!  

If you are interested in any of the sources, leave a comment and I'm happy to share!  I'm off to enjoy this beautiful day with my little one!  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Get this Patio Look on the SUPER Cheap

I have always LOVED Olivia Brock's patio from the Lacquered Life blog.  I remember seeing it in Southern Living and just loved how comfortable, casual and chic it looked.

In an effort to recreate the above look, I am proud to say I've created this look on the super cheap!!
Here is my inspiration.

Here are the details.  

The hardest part was finding a metal/aluminum clean lined patio set with green cushions that literally wasn't over $1000.  I found this set for $299 from Walmart and it has great reviews.

I ordered it and it'll arrive this week so I will update you to let you know about comfort, etc.  The key is not to have things matchey-matchey so I plan on breaking up this set.

I will pair the sofa with two Byholma Ikea chairs (see below) and then I plan on putting the two Walmart lounge chairs in a separate spot to create another small and intimate spot for conversation.

For the sofa, I plan on putting the pottery barn sunbrella trellis pillows in putty to break up the green.

And, then I would add Serena and Lilly's pinstriped pillows in navy on each one of the Ikea chairs (and if budget allows one on the sofa too).  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pillows.

I love World Market's garden stools for $60 and would use this as an accent table.

And, this look isn't complete without an antique galvanized metal watering can to be used for your hydrangea clippings!! ;)

So, there you have it!  I am really excited that I was able to get all these super cheap but chic pieces for our outdoor deck/patio!  Next week we have family visiting us from MI, MD and FLA to celebrate my son's first Holy Communion so this is all perfect timing.  

Once, everything is in place I will come back to share pictures!!  

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Quick Fix - Before and After

Moving stuff around (#MSA) the house gets my creative juices flowing.   Nine times out of ten it is all I need for the room to feel 'fresh' again.  

This week I found a window of time and decided to freshen up our built-ins in our family room.  I recently purchased a Ralph Lauren blue and white porcelain lamp from HomeGoods and wanted to see if it would work well in the space.   So, here is the after (with lamp in picture)….


And, here was the before. 


Major improvement and I am definitely keeping the HomeGoods blue and white lamp.  See how moving stuff around #MSA works!!!  Nothing is new (except the lamp).  

Of course, now I want to paint the back of the built-ins a blueish color.   I played around yesterday with samples and here is one option (see paint swatch behind lamp)…

I like it, but I think I want darker! :)  Now, just to find the time to do this!  Happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Living Room Garden

Now that spring is here I am in the mood to do everything 'garden' related.  My husband and I worked gutting/cleaning out a 29' garden bed so we can plant 5 Nantucket Blue bushes to line our outdoor deck.  I can't wait until they are full bloom.

In the meantime, I'd like to start an indoor living room garden.  My vision is to have an array of plants clustered on an antique butler's tray table (already have one) with a woven mirror above it.  Below is my inspiration.

My clementine from Trader Joe's (repotted in a vintage herb pot) is a start.

I also envision potted begonias, ferns, hyacinths, hydrangeas and topiaries.  I actually just ordered a rosemary topiary from WS so I can't wait to add it to the mix!  Below is some more inspiration to get your wheels turning if you'd like to start one too!!

Here is hoping I can keep them alive!  Once my living room is painted (it's already primed) I will take pictures and share!  Have any of you tried this?  Which indoor plants do you love?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Window Solutions for Two-Story Windows

Do you have one of those gigantic two-story windows?

Are you at a lost for what to do with that large two story window?  I recently was approached by a friend for some suggestions.  She has a similar window (to the one pictured) and here is my suggestion to her.
The two-story window is so large that even if you frame part of the window (i.e. the wings of the window) with panels, you won't sacrifice much natural light coming through the main window.  And, depending on your preference, you can always open and close the panels to let in more or less natural light.  The top portion (half circle) of the window acts as a transom and should not get covered.

Now, to finish it off, I would put a roman shade (my preference is woven) behind the panels.  It should be hung at the same height as the top of your panels so as to create a unified line across the window.  This will help pull all the elements together.

Here is a mock-up I drew up if you have this type of window.

This mock-up, at least, gives you a visual of how all the elements are supposed to look and work together.  What do you think?

When you enter the room you'll eye will be drawn to the back of the room where the window is and to the views to the outside.  And, if you have a ceiling fan in your two story room, I would replace it with some sculptural (like the lantern) to give the room some presence.  You have the height so you might as well maximize it!!

Hope this helps!

PS:  Drapes shown are PB Velvet Panels.  Lantern can be found here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Our Dining Room: Progress

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Well, this has nothing to do with St. Patricks day and all to do about my dining room!  Ha!  Anyway, I'm trying my hardest to make progress on some rooms in our home before May arrives (translation: lots of family and friends visiting).

Here is one combination I am considering for our dining room (the fabric is for the drapes).

At first, I was ho-hum about the fabric, but my husband really likes it and lately, it is really growing on me.  I like how the navy and red keeps the color scheme grounded.

When picking out the paint colors for the DR walls, my sticking point was this cabinet/bookcase below which I plan on using it in our DR.  I wanted one of the paint colors to match it so it looks cohesive.  It took a lot of paint samples, but I got it.

I always feel that if you have one painted piece of furniture in a room it adds some whimsy and casualness which I really admire.  I did that for my daughter's room and really liked how it turned out.

The plan is for the lantern to hang over an antique dining table (have yet to purchase).   But, something along the lines of this…

I am considering two ideas for our DR when it comes to painting our walls.

Idea #1: Is to paint the all the walls ivory and to paint the trim the blue greenish grayish color.  Remember that the cabinet will also be the blueish greenish grayish color too.  Here is some inspiration:

Idea #2: Since my DR has a chair rail, another option is to paint the chair rail and the wall below the chair rail the blueish greenish color along with all the trim and keep the ivory above the chair rail.  See inspiration…

What is your preference?  Honestly, I like both styles so I think I am going to try both and see what I like better.  I'll be honest though, I am so nervous to paint the trim!!  Have you ever painted your trim a different color than white??

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our Guest Room / Starting Point

I am in full-on over-drive to finish our guest room before spring arrives.  Once the weather warms up, we plan on having quite a few visitors come to Louisville.  The good news is that I have decided on most of the elements for the room and I just now need to pull them all together.  This is where I am ….

{1} I already own John Robshaw's turmeric fabric and plan on using this fabric for euro shams for the bed.  These will be propped against a white headboard.

{2} I would love to get Circa's french library sconces to flank a very large scale bulletin board above my desk (not pictured), but I'm still on the fence due to the price.  Maybe I'll be surprised on Mother's Day?? ;)

{3} Woven shades are installed and white drapes still need to be installed.  I plan on sewing trim on the edges of the panels.

{4} Remember how I said I wanted to add color this year as part as my New Year's resolutions??  Well, here it goes…I will be adding a pop of red as a lumbar pillow.  Love Quadrille's nitik pattern.

{5} The walls are already painted BM White Dove and I want to do a bold bedskirt to ground the bed. I love checks so it probably is no surprise that the bedskirt will be blue and white checked.  

{6} I would love to bite the bullet and invest a tortoise bamboo side table to add some warmth and texture to the room besides the woven shades.  Most bamboo side tables I've seen are in the the $300 to $400 range…..hoping I can find one for half that! 

Well, that is it for now…..Let the fun begin!!