Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monday Blues + One

In typical Monday fashion, I didn't have enough time to publish a post yesterday (but I had every intention, so does that count?) and so hence, the title! :)

Reese Witherspoon's new store, Draper James, in Nashville is so beautiful!  I love all the shades of blue, white, stripes, and touches of brass!!  Great inspiration!

Get the look:

PS:  I LOVE the lampshade and am currently using this fabric in a living room project!  It is so pretty in person!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kitchen Command Central Continues

Our kitchen has two external entry points - (one from our garage) and (one from the backyard) - which translates into high traffic areas with no room for a mud-room.  You might remember this project, where we converted a regular hanging closet to a mini-mudroom.

I am so happy we did this - it has helped with the clutter of jackets, coats, shoes and backpacks.  

Since now we are painting our kitchen, I can move to phase two, where I plan to use vertical wallspace to create a command central spot.  Unfortunately, there is no counter space in our kitchen for this so I have to think vertical and use wall space.  See inspiration below.

I desperately need a letter bin of sort to control the mail, school papers, magazines, bills, etc. I also need a bulletin board to hold important numbers, tickets, coupons, etc.  I need a couple of hooks for the kids backpacks and lastly, a tote or basket to hold random items.

I found both the cork board and the magazine holder (which I'll use for mail, papers, etc.) for an incredible price - both for $60.  They are part of the Marta Stewart Living collection from Home Decorators and I bought them when they had an additional 40% off their outlet prices (MLK weekend).  I actually bought them in the ugly cornflower color to get the outlet price plus the 40% off discount (I guess nobody wants that color).   I plan to paint both white.  See here and here.  And, let me just say, I am so impressed with this magazine holder - very heavy and the slats are removable!  Top notch!

Wish me luck!!  Can't wait to get this completed!  

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Nursery Bathroom

As you may or may not know, I offer different levels of help or service.  Some e-design, some in person and some hourly consulting.  When this particular client contacted me last year, she was pregnant with her firstborn and was in the midst of decorating her nursery.

She had most everything picked out in terms of fabrics and furnishings, but asked me if I could provide a little bit more direction, answer some very specific questions and be a sound board for some of her beautiful decisions.  She really didn't need my help, she has a very good 'eye'.  

She just recently gave birth to a baby girl and sent me a picture of this!  She did a wonderful job!

Isn't this the sweetest?   I adore the wallpaper!  She still isn't finished with her daughter's nursery. But, she did recently send me a picture of a pillow she just had made for her nursery's playroom.  She now just now needs to get it monogrammed!

I love the mix of the small check and the peach bordering flange!  So precious!

Friday, January 15, 2016

A Living Room's New Look

A new client from the Palmetto State recently contacted me because she wanted to spruce up her formal living room.  If I remember correctly, the subject of her email was titled, 'Design Help' and then preceded to say, "I know you are the person for the job!' which made me laugh.

She had all the furniture in place and was happy with her layout, but she needed help pulling it all together with new fabric selections and accessories.   In her words, she wanted 'styled', but cozy and approachable!

She ended the email saying, "Please help me as I am going crazy thinking about this room and on the verge of divorce if I can't finish this room!"  Ha!  A Southern girl with a sense of humor - my kind of girl! :)

Here is the final scheme!!

I really feel attached to this project because I adore every detail that will go into this room and selfishly want it for my own home! I can't wait to see it all come together - it is going to be beautiful!

And, now I can sleep better at night knowing my client will be married happily ever after! Wink! Wink!

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Kitchen Refresh

I am working with a client who is looking to update her kitchen.  I actually started working with this client last year when she wanted to re-do her family room and has now moved onto her kitchen.

On the bucket list for her kitchen refresh is new white cabinets, new wall paint, new window treatments, new quartz counters, subway tile backsplash and polished nickel fixtures.  This is all on a budget as this is not her forever home, but she doesn't want to wait forever to enjoy it.  Here are some of her inspiration pictures:

Do you see a theme here?  White, white, white, nickel hardware with touches of blue!  Dreamy!!  I love working with clients whose personal aesthetic is so pretty.   

First phase (happening the end of this month) is new wall color, installation of cabinets, temporary butcher block counters and window treatments.   Here is the current design board…

It feels good to start off the New Year with such a fresh, clean and crisp palette!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello 2016!

Before I say hello to 2016, I like to look back and reflect on the highlights of 2015.  It reminds me of how it started, what I got done (and didn't get done) and how my style continues to evolve.

The biggest highlight this past year for me professionally was the steady growth of my business!  It has been satisfying watching my little business grow (I think I can….I think I can….) while I help families create happy and comfortable homes.  It's really a dream come true.  I love seeing my clients so happy and grateful…..such the best feeling!

Throughout last year, I made slow progress on our home which is a huge accomplishment to me given the daily family obligations, work, kid's school and sport schedules, etc.

My dining room is almost done you guys…..I have watched my dining room transform from a very ugly, uninspiring room to my favorite room in our home.  I love this room…..I took risks and so happy I did because it has made all the difference.

In October, I participated in the One Room Challenge (ORC) for the first time and overhauled our guest room. This was so exhilarating and exhausting at the same time.  The (DIY) project I took on to create my own raffia upholstered headboard with nailheads about did me in, but the outcome was SO worth it!

I'll be honest - I definitely felt very vulnerable by putting myself out there, but I am so glad I did.  There were so many talented bloggers participating and was grateful when my guest room got mentions here, here, here and here.  Thank you ladies!!

The Christmas season really felt fast this year.  I don't know if that is just a given as you get older, but I really wanted to push the 'stop' button and just soak it in.  It felt good to pop off IG for the month (what?) and just focus on the family, kids, watch funny movies and focus on my home (lots of painting projects).  I'm ready for the New Year, a new perspective and to take on some risks!!   Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

E- Design: A Stylish Entry for a Starter Home

A couple of months ago, a reader contacted me who wanted help with her entry.  She recently got married and she and her husband just bought their first home in Connecticut.

Like many starter homes, space is limited and trying to make a good first impression in a very small entryway can be challenging.  Fortunately, when space is limited, it allows you to stretch your budget because the number of items needed is less.

It was important to this young and stylish reader, that there be some sort of table to house keys, mail and a pretty lamp.  To accomplish this, I picked a demilune table that is perfect for small spaces.  It provides a usable surface, but it's shallow enough to be tucked away.

My reader also wanted the space to be chic, feminine, but also sophisticated.  She loves hints of colors especially pastels.  I knew a decorative rug was key to infusing the color she wanted and a vintage rug fit the bill.  The scalloped flush mount, mirror and table all play to the feminine side while the gray paint and ceramic lamp keep it sophisticated and grounded.  

So, there you have it!!  She loves it and can't wait to start implementing it.  If you need help designing a room, please feel free to contact me