Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Decorating around a Piano

This past weekend, I moved our piano to the opposite (and smaller) wall in our living room.  It makes more sense and felt like a huge breath of fresh air to finally have it moved.  This is how I quickly styled it (using everything I already had).....

sorry for the bad iPhone pic!

In my opinion, you can choose different approaches to decorating around a piano depending on your personal preference, style or need.

Since my piano sits in our living room, I wanted a simple and formal look.  However, if our piano sat in our family room, I might consider something like this using family photos:

If you want more of a casual approach, I would do a gallery wall.  Adding a gallery wall helps soften the rather large piano and also helps to fill the blank walls around it.

If you want a casual look, but are not up to the task of hanging a gallery wall, consider a layered look.  I really love this look too....

Have a piano, but you don't want to make it the focal point?  Consider painting the room a bold color....

OR add an oversized mirror or an oversized piece of art....

(BTW, love how this piano is a matte black!)

And, if by chance, you happen to be renovating and want to include your piano in the design, I really like this idea of adding a built-in or molding details to distract your view from the piano, but add a great display of accessories!  


  1. Love these ideas Fran! I always struggle with accessorizing my piano. I too have it in my formal living area, so I try to keep it simple as well. Thanks for the suggestions!

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