Monday, May 22, 2017

A Client's Living Room Design Plan

Recently, a local client contacted me, after she had already hired a previous designer to help her with her living room.  When she started to implement the design plan, the previous designer suggested, she slowly started to realize that she really didn't love the design and as a result, felt stuck.

That is when she called me to ask for help.

I think this happens more often than not.  People hire designers and many times it isn't a good fit.  The designer perhaps has a style that the client doesn't like OR the client has a style that designer just doesn't like.  It happens.

Below is the current state of her living room (all pieces the previous designer recommended).


When we met, we discussed her likes, dislikes and her budget.  She had already paid a previous designer and spent quite a bit of money on a partially finished room that she didn't love.  So, I had some non-negotiables I had to work with - namely, the contemporary tuxedo sofa, coffee table and abstract artwork.

The first thing I do when I start my decorative process is to focus on the floor plan.  Everything else comes later.

I didn't love how the previous designer used an abbreviated wall for the sofa wall.  You can't tell from the picture above, but there is an entry into the room to the left of the sofa.  Second, the layout felt so 'staged' to me.

You want the floor plan to be functional and natural.  So, I suggested she flip-flop the room to offer more balance and better traffic flow.  See below.

The sofa now sits in front of a window (on a full wall) allowing clear traffic flow from the entry hall into the family room (through french doors).  Moreover, the sofa is now centered utilizing the whole room.  The chest of drawers (with a mirror above it) sits on the opposite wall (where the sofa used to be) and the mirror will reflect light (from the opposite window) making the room brighter.

While my client liked most of my suggestions, she particularly liked the new floor plan.  After I got her buy-in, I then started working on the rest of the design.

Since this is the young couple's first home, I suggested the bulk of their budget go towards quality furniture pieces that are classic and timeless in nature.  They can always save later for the beautiful designer textiles.  I also wanted to keep the room 'fresh' and not too stale.  I tried to mix traditional with modern to help keep the room varied.

Last week I presented the final plan using their non-negotiable pieces.  My client's words were, " I love it.  This is exactly what I was hoping for!"  That made me happy.  I am looking forward to seeing this plan come to real life!


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