Thursday, February 18, 2016


Where has this week gone?  It's flying, I tell ya.  This week I received a photo of my client's new art in her living room!!  I can't wait to share some pictures!!  In the meantime, this room below has my name ALL over it.  Seriously, there isn't an element in this room that I don't love!

I love how fresh (and not dowdy) Colefax and Fowler's bowood (fabric on the sofa) feels in this room!!  Love the touches of pink, ticking club chairs, morrocan tables, candlestick lamps, rattan ottoman, animal print rug, that drum pendant and Quadrille's Persepolis wallpaper!!  I mean it all works!!  So genius.  I found this picture via I Suwannee.  I'm dying to know the designer!

Anyone know??  It reminds me of Hillary Thomas' work??

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  1. Hi, I love everything about this room as well! I believe it is the former home of Kim Gieske and her husband Donald Robertson. Both have Instagram accounts and she is now renovating and designing what looks to be another amazing home in California. More photos of this home are on La Dolce Vita's blog 2/11/15. @drawbertson @kgieske