Thursday, February 11, 2016

$100 or less (kid-friendly) Counter Stools

There are so many options when it comes to counter stools.  Should they have a back or be backless?  Should they swivel?  Should they be wood or metal? The list goes on……and then there is your budget.  Counter stools are expensive, you guys!

Luckily, my client's requirements for counter stools were specific - preferably backless, not upholstered (she has two boys so she needs to easily wipe them down) and preferably less than $100 each.

Here is a round-up of options I found that roughly fit her requirements.  First up, metal or non-wood options.

L to R Top Row: 1 (sale) | 2 | 3
L to R Bottom Row: 1 | 2 | 3

Next up, wooden counter stools.

L to R Top Row: 1 | 2 | 3
L to R Bottom Row: 1 (super sale) | 2 (sale)

Since my client's goal is to have an all white kitchen, we didn't want the stools to contrast with the kitchen island.  So, we were learning towards either white, clear or aluminum stools.  

And, I am so happy with the final decision……..

The acrylic stools for their 'fun' statement, the fact that they are super affordable and that she can just take them outside and hose them down when the boys are done eating!!  Oh yeah, and that is the fabric for the kitchen roman shade. 


  1. Great combo Fran! A client of mine (with 3 kids) wanted the same but wanted backs to theirs - they decided on an acrylic stool with metal base from CB2 and they're great too. Love that fabric!

  2. Kid friendly and still super chic! I love the acrylic ones!

  3. Fran, Thanks for stopping by BH!! I've been pouring through your instagram and loving it! And loved your ORC! XO Sissy