Monday, November 30, 2015

Wishful Gift Guides for the Home

I hope you all enjoyed your wonderful Thanksgiving.  Ours was relaxing because we didn't have to host this year and so we got quite a bit of down time to relax with family and do some fun winter activities.  I didn't start any Christmas decorations other than planting two dwarf evergreen trees in our planters flanking our front door.  I plan on cutting some magnolia branches to add to the planters as as well.

I did have some time to make up some 'wishful' guides the home!  Ha!  Priorities, right??  These are all things I love and would welcome as new additions to our home.

I've noticed over the year, when it comes to receiving/giving gifts, I much prefer to receive/give a gift for the home.  Personally, I don't want clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.  I would much rather be gifted a piece for our home whether it's candles, a lamp, mirror, vase or throw.  

I noticed a theme in my choices - lots of white with touches gold, blue, green and natural wood.

Over the break, I thought long and hard about our living room and kitchen which haven't been touched since we moved into our home.  Our living room still sits unfurnished with only a piano and just primed walls (no paint).  Many of these choices are influenced by those ideas - neutral base with touches of sky blue and sea foam green.

Hope you enjoyed!  And, while these gift guides are fun - mostly dreaming on my part, I don't want to forget that yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent and the Advent season has begun.  :)

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  1. Love all your picks, Fran! The stool, ottoman, lantern, jug and chair being my favorites. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving.