Tuesday, December 15, 2015

E- Design: A Stylish Entry for a Starter Home

A couple of months ago, a reader contacted me who wanted help with her entry.  She recently got married and she and her husband just bought their first home in Connecticut.

Like many starter homes, space is limited and trying to make a good first impression in a very small entryway can be challenging.  Fortunately, when space is limited, it allows you to stretch your budget because the number of items needed is less.

It was important to this young and stylish reader, that there be some sort of table to house keys, mail and a pretty lamp.  To accomplish this, I picked a demilune table that is perfect for small spaces.  It provides a usable surface, but it's shallow enough to be tucked away.

My reader also wanted the space to be chic, feminine, but also sophisticated.  She loves hints of colors especially pastels.  I knew a decorative rug was key to infusing the color she wanted and a vintage rug fit the bill.  The scalloped flush mount, mirror and table all play to the feminine side while the gray paint and ceramic lamp keep it sophisticated and grounded.  

So, there you have it!!  She loves it and can't wait to start implementing it.  If you need help designing a room, please feel free to contact me