Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Client Preview: Adding Abstract Art in the Living Room

While everyone is talking holiday guides and Thanksgiving preparations, I thought I'd switch it up and talk about abstract art!  Think of it as a pretty distraction!

I'm working with a client who wants to hang a large abstract piece over her antique chest of drawers in her living room.  I love when this is done because it is a great example of mixing traditional with current elements.

Do you notice how the art is larger than the dresser?  This works because the drapery panels on either side of the piece of art frame the space.

My client will have her abstract art commissioned.  We are simultaneously working on a fabric scheme for the same room which will influence the colors of her artwork.  Below is the initial stages of a potential fabric scheme.

I think this is a great way to make sure that everything is coordinated and seamless.  Many artists will work with you if you have a specific color palette in mind.

Do you notice how the art is positioned to the left more?  This is done so the lamp doesn't interfere with the art too much.  

I spy one of my favorite ceramic bowls!  This is on my holiday wish list this year. 

A Cy Twombly inspired piece of art by Kayce Hughes - Sarah Bartholomew

Here is a smaller piece of art over an antique chest and it works because the lamp help frames it.  Can you imagine how lost that piece of art would be without the lamp?

Of course, when it comes to your living room, you can always place a large piece of abstract art over your sofa.  

This is gorgeous and can I tell you lately I'm having such a thing for pastels in the home.  It's serious and has me re-thinking my current color scheme.  

If your sofa sits in front of a window, consider hanging smaller pieces of abstract next to the window (like above) to frame it.

Here are just a few of my favorite sources for abstract art: Lucy Williams, Katherine JuryRene Bouchon, Kose Bose, Karen SmidthTyler Colgan, Jean Jack, Mary Rountree Moore, Lisa Di Stefano, Kayce Hughes

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  1. Thanks so much for linking to my shop! Your work is absolutely beautiful... Loved getting to read through this post. Can't wait to read more! XO, Kate