Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our Dining Room: Paint Progress

Life has been hurdling by at breakneck speed (is May almost over….seriously?) and there has been much going on in our household.  School just got out and we're gearing up for summer.  This means lots of outdoor activities and projects.  BUT, we're still trying to tie up some loose ends with some of our indoor spring projects.  Specifically, we're trying to finish up our dining room.  I'm very excited to tell you that our dining room is almost fully painted.

Remember, this post where I was undecided with painting just the trim OR painting the trim and below the chair rail?  Well, the decision has been made….

{in progress: window mullions still need to still be painted}

I'm in love.  Seriously.  I originally just wanted the molding/trim painted blue, but after living with it for  a week or two, the space didn't feel grounded enough.  It felt to ethereal and I decided I needed more color.

{in progress}

So my very patient husband granted my wish and painted below the chair rail this past memorial day weekend and I love how it turned out.  

The above fabric will be for the floor length lined window panels.  I will be doing black hardware so it ties in with the black lantern.  I still need to decide if I want to have a woven shade layered behind the panels and what type of pleat for the panels. 

Here you can see the various types of pleats my seamstress does and I want the french triple pleat (top row…third from the left).

Above is the fabric scheme I am considering for the DR.  The ticking and check will be used as slips on the chairs and the les indiennes floral will be used as two pillows on the head chairs flanking the cupboard.

So, we're slowly getting there.  There is still a ton to be done and I will save the other details like the furniture and slipcovered parson chairs for a later post (when I have some pics)!!!  Hope you enjoyed!!


  1. Looking great! I'm so excited to see those drapes!

  2. So pretty! Our plan is to paint the trim in our dining room, too!

  3. I love the paint color you used Fran. I think it was for the best that you decided to paint below the chair rail, it gives the room more depth and coziness. I can't wait to see the finished product!

    P.S. How lucky you are to have a husband who paints :-)

  4. This looks great Fran and you get nice natural light in here. Love the pleat photo that you showed from your workroom too. It's coming together nicely.