Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Get the Look - Chinoiserie Chic

Lately, I've been inspired by bright, bold and colorful interiors.  And, I dare say a bit of chinoiserie!  This look has been out there for a loooong time and many times (I feel) it is completely overdone and trendy.

But, I stumbled on a couple of images this past week that have me inspired and when done right, chinoiserie can look fresh and cool!

The key is to keep the color choices to a minimum.  Here is my first interpretation… it chinoiserie, nautical and traditional all wrapped in one.

The image below inspired this look!  I love how this rather small and narrow hallway/entry carries a good punch and has personality.  And, such a small space should have color to make it stand out.

It comes from Alison Pringle's feed on IG and she owns her own design firm called Baker Ballard Interiors.  I love her bold and colorful style and she does the chinoiserie chic look very well!  Click here to see a video of her 400 square foot apartment!  It's great!

Here is another chinoiserie design (fairly different) that I drew up inspired by Susanna Salk's dining room.

Susanna Salk's dining room inspired this look.  See below.  Love it!  It's bold, fresh and tasteful.  Her home is incredible too if you haven't seen it!  

If you are interested in any of the sources, leave a comment and I'm happy to share!  I'm off to enjoy this beautiful day with my little one!  


  1. Love them both Fran! Thank you for this intro!

  2. Love these! The mix is just right. Have a great weekend!