Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Get this Patio Look on the SUPER Cheap

I have always LOVED Olivia Brock's patio from the Lacquered Life blog.  I remember seeing it in Southern Living and just loved how comfortable, casual and chic it looked.

In an effort to recreate the above look, I am proud to say I've created this look on the super cheap!!
Here is my inspiration.

Here are the details.  

The hardest part was finding a metal/aluminum clean lined patio set with green cushions that literally wasn't over $1000.  I found this set for $299 from Walmart and it has great reviews.

I ordered it and it'll arrive this week so I will update you to let you know about comfort, etc.  The key is not to have things matchey-matchey so I plan on breaking up this set.

I will pair the sofa with two Byholma Ikea chairs (see below) and then I plan on putting the two Walmart lounge chairs in a separate spot to create another small and intimate spot for conversation.

For the sofa, I plan on putting the pottery barn sunbrella trellis pillows in putty to break up the green.

And, then I would add Serena and Lilly's pinstriped pillows in navy on each one of the Ikea chairs (and if budget allows one on the sofa too).  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pillows.

I love World Market's garden stools for $60 and would use this as an accent table.

And, this look isn't complete without an antique galvanized metal watering can to be used for your hydrangea clippings!! ;)

So, there you have it!  I am really excited that I was able to get all these super cheap but chic pieces for our outdoor deck/patio!  Next week we have family visiting us from MI, MD and FLA to celebrate my son's first Holy Communion so this is all perfect timing.  

Once, everything is in place I will come back to share pictures!!  


  1. Love it, Fran! Might have to keep that Walmart set in mind...I'd love to get something for our deck. Can't wait to see everything pulled together!

  2. Love that set from Walmart - looking forward to hearing/seeing what you think of it b/c as you know we are in desperate need of new outdoor furniture. Are those IKEA chairs specifically for the outdoors too? Those are great! (And PS - did you notice Google updated the commenting button so you don't have to log in each time you want to comment? HOORAY!!)

  3. This looks great Fran! Love the new blog look too.

  4. I love this look, but really love that you can find it at budget-friendly prices. Our outdoor seating area on the deck is my favorite place to be in the nice weather. Can't wait to see yours come together!

  5. I love how you've mixed it all up! We bought that exact set from Wal-Mart two years ago for our patio. We have found it to be comfortable and it looks more expensive than it is. The cushions have faded after two seasons, but it still looks ok for this summer. Love the cushions you would pair it with.

  6. Hi Fran. I can't wait to see your finished patio. I'm sure it will be beautiful! It's so nice your family will be coming to town for your sons first communion. I hope you enjoy it.

  7. I keep meaning to inquire about the patio set from Walmart - how do you like it? We're trying to finalize what we're doing outside this year and I'd like to add some outdoor furniture.

    1. Hi Holly, I am so happy with this purchase. I cannot believe how pretty and comfortable this set is for the price. We've had two weeks now and so far so good. We've had 3 torrential rain storms and the patio set looks brand new. It was so easy to assemble and my favorite thing is the color of the cushions! Such a pretty green. Both sets of neighbors have already commented on it! Love it!