Friday, April 17, 2015

A Quick Fix - Before and After

Moving stuff around (#MSA) the house gets my creative juices flowing.   Nine times out of ten it is all I need for the room to feel 'fresh' again.  

This week I found a window of time and decided to freshen up our built-ins in our family room.  I recently purchased a Ralph Lauren blue and white porcelain lamp from HomeGoods and wanted to see if it would work well in the space.   So, here is the after (with lamp in picture)….


And, here was the before. 


Major improvement and I am definitely keeping the HomeGoods blue and white lamp.  See how moving stuff around #MSA works!!!  Nothing is new (except the lamp).  

Of course, now I want to paint the back of the built-ins a blueish color.   I played around yesterday with samples and here is one option (see paint swatch behind lamp)…

I like it, but I think I want darker! :)  Now, just to find the time to do this!  Happy weekend!


  1. What color blue is that? I Love it!1

  2. I love that lamp! In fact, I almost bought it from Homegoods. The only thing that stopped me was that I have no place to put it. I think painting the back of the shelves will look nice. Have a great weekend.

  3. So pretty and so simple! Love the color and the lamp.