Thursday, January 23, 2014

This and That

Now that I am home full-time, I find I am spending more time planning healthier meals, baking (not so healthy) but, oh so yummy treats for the kids, and working out at the gym 3 to 4 times a week.  But, honestly, with my youngest still at home, I am just doing all the normal mommy things and my day seems to whizz by.

I made Ina's cinnamon sugar doughnuts for the first time.  They were DELICIOUS.  And, so so EASY!  I bought the doughnut pan from Sur La Table and handed out the above packages to my neighbors!

It isn't until the evening, after the kids are in bed, that I then start to think about my house/decorating, unpacking, etc.  I doubt I'll find a better balance until my youngest starts school in a year or two, but for now, I am just fine with that.

I was able to complete my collection of Lion's head bowls (from Sur La Table) - they were on super sale!

Two weekends ago, I visited Goss Antiques here in Louisville.  A dream come true for a lover of antiques with never ending rows of dealers (mostly furniture).

I found a booth called CS and K Antiques and she had the most beautiful french/english furnishings.  I purchased the above picture for our bedroom.  I love how subdued it feels.

It wasn't until my Ebay purchase of Colefax and Fowler's "Bowood" fabric arrived that I noticed the similarities in colors between the picture and fabric.  I must be drawn to this color palette - cream, green, gray/blue and white.

I hope you all are having a good week.  We are having record 'cold' temperatures here in Louisville.  I can't believe it.  And, I thought I was moving to the South???

See you next week and Stay warm!!


  1. I absolutely love these images, Fran. What color was the shelf (with your beautiful ironstone) painted? And the Colefax & Fowler fabric? Perfection.

    Can't wait to see more around your home.

    1. Hi Ashley, I bought the bookcase already with that color so I never painted it. Sorry. It's a distressed blueish grayish color.

  2. Those doughnuts look delish - I wish I was your neighbor! :) And love all your new additions - the print and fabric look so clean and fresh - love them. Oh, and the South thing, I've lived here all my life and one thing you can be sure of is the weather is unpredictable. Bundle up!

  3. Fran, it sounds like you are in your element. So happy for you! Those donuts look like a must try. Sur La Table is less than a mile from my house :). That color palette is perfect and timeless. Enjoy the snow.

  4. oh, one of my all time favorite fabrics!! I contemplated it when we redid our master a couple years ago but I was already set on the wallpaper and it just didn't quite fit. I adore it though and one day would love to have it in our home, somewhere. I'm writing down that antique store! my mum and I have driven down to Louisville for day trips to antique before. It has been many years though, so we are due for a visit! if you come across any other great places please share! If you are getting into the doughnut spirit you must try Joy the Baker's recipe for chocolate glazed brown butter + buttermilk doughnuts! They are my boys favorite! xo

  5. Oh Fran, those doughnuts look too easy to eat! Guess I gotta put that pan on my list. Love your ironstone...such a classic and clean look. Yeah, I'm sick of the snow too. I feel like I've been caged up all week:/

  6. That FABRIC! Love. Isn't it funny what we are drawn to? I bet you would find some other similarities throughout your belongings. Now you have me wanting a donut :) I'll have to try that out sometime. I recently got back to the gym as well (I swore I would get back sooner after Allison then I did with Sheila) and I have to say it feels damn good ;)

  7. Fran, I adore your fabric, and how lovely to have landed that print that works so well with it! Um, your doughnuts look delicious! And couldn't you spend hours in Sur la Table? Hope you are well! And getting warmer down there now?!?

  8. Somehow I am on the late show and just discovered Sur la Table recently, even though there's one right by my house. That place is amazing.

  9. so wonderful to embrace one's life at home with young children. those years go by so fast and when you can enjoy baking and creating pretty vignette's - well then life cannot be any better....all so good.
    thanks for sharing.