Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Porthole Mirror

I am happy to report that I am alive and well after an on-slought of illnesses in our home (that lasted about 10 days).  When it rains it pours - stomach viruses, sinus infections, etc.

Luckily, neither my husband or I got the stomach virus and we were able to celebrate his birthday this past weekend.  We went to Edward Lee's restaurant 610 Magnolia!  I highly recommend it if you've never been or are visiting the area!

So, lately, I really like porthole mirrors.  Kinda of a strange thing to fixate on....but,  if I had a a waterfront  home in New England, I would fully embrace it!  

I love the above vignette from Hudson Interiors.  If you like porthole mirrors, you could pick up this one (pictured below) from Target to create a similar look.

Since I might get a lot of questions as to why there is a porthole mirror in our entry (being that we live in Louisville and well, water is nowhere in sight), I might settle for something a little less obvious, but that has a similar feel.

I really like the mirror pictured below (of course, all the blue and white porcelain helps too!).

It has a similar porthole look and I like the black frame.  I recently picked up this mirror from Target (see below) and I have to tell you I really, really like it.  In fact, I like it so much, I went back and purchased another one.  Thinking of painting it and using it in my daughter's room.  

The frame is slightly distressed and I like how it sits deeply into the frame making it feel more like a porthole.  This black mirror works nicely in our entry against our white walls and I like how the round shape breaks up all the lines from our entryway walls and console.  So, if you're on the hunt for a great round mirror - this might do the trick!  I hope to have pictures of our entry soon!


  1. I love them as well. I have one in my dining room and it is still one of my all time favorite purchases.

  2. I love porthole mirrors as well. My husband was in the Navy, and so to infuse a part of him into our home I like to disburse nautical accents around. I have been searching high and low for the perfect vintage mirror. But I think I might breakdown and get the one you bought from Target. It looks super cute.

  3. Nothing like a round mirror! I think they really make the space. I currently have a round mirror of some form or another in three of the rooms in our house! So, couldn't agree with you more. ;)

  4. love round mirrors. love them for the nautical as well as federal feel. they can go mod or go trad. glad you all are feeling better. i had a nasty spell last week but by the weekend i was back to my old self.

  5. I know right! I recently found a big round wood mirror with studs that I painted white and gold leafed the studs. Gave it to a client as a gift for nursery. I love that they're classic and will always be chic!!

  6. The first porthole mirror is great, even if the interior is very simple and ordinary, it can bring some spice and exclusivity to the room.