Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our Entryway

A painter is coming tomorrow to paint our entryway.  My husband typically paints our rooms (he enjoys it and does it well) and as a result, I've been spoiled because if I don't like the color midway, he can stop painting.  Naturally, I'm stressing a bit to pick the 'right' color.  I don't think I can tell the painter to stop if I don't like the color.  Well, I guess I can, but it would be expensive and I probably would look like a fool.

Realtor Picture

The picture above is our entryway; this was the previous owner's picture.  The walls are a mocha brown color (blah).  And, you can see the red living room in the background (ick).

My style is leaning towards lots of contrast - white, black and antique woods.  We painted our family room over Christmas break BM White Dove. LOVE this color.  It has the slightest warmth without being too yellowish.  I am considering this color for the entry way too, but we don't get a lot of natural light so I am also considering BM Linen White.

Phase 1 of the entryway is to paint the walls.

Phase 2 will be to paint staircase banister,  rip out the carpeted runner, add new runner, get a new front door (with glass panels) and potentially make the windows wider flanking the front door to let in more natural light.

Phase 3 will be making the entryway larger by knocking out a shower that currently exists in our downstairs bathroom (behind the wall where the console sits, in the photo above).  I would like to make the entryway into the living room larger too and finally, add paneling/moulding.

Here are some pictures of my current inspiration.

Obviously, all my inspiration pictures have paneled moulding, high ceilings, lots of light and are the entries are large.  I haven't even left the gate and I already have 4 strikes against me.  But, I think we can get 3/4 of the way home;  the higher ceilings are the only sticking point.  

For the time being, I hope to achieve somewhat of "the look" by choosing a lighter paint color!!  Wish me luck!


  1. Oh, I just love each of these phases and each of these inspiration pics. Starting with a bright white foundation will brighten and open up the space visually--I'm sure you'll be so happy! Have you thought anything about overhead lighting? Lantern? Chandelier? I love the look of lanterns (like pics #2 and #3).

    Happy painting day for you!

    1. Hi Ashley! Most definitely considering a lantern for the lighting. Our ceilings aren't high enough for a full on lantern (like the pics) so I might settle for something like this:

  2. I love your inspiration pics and you plans sound spot on. Good luck with the painter!

  3. Yay! I am sure you are READY to get rid of those brown walls. Paint makes such a difference! I can't wait to see the "after". :)

  4. I'm reminded of a living room paint project that was started and abruptly halted 3x a few years ago. Thank goodness for a sweet husband a patient contractor. Nothing worse than knowing something is all wrong and feeling that you can't turn back! I'm sure your project will turn out beautifully. I'm glad you are blogging again and sharing your new home with us.

  5. That entry is going to take on a completely different look with your new paint color - and of course you can stop the painter ;) Looking forward to seeing the "after" photos. You've got a great plan lined up too and like how you've thought about it in phases. Will you be posting photos of your family room? I'd love to see the White Dove.

  6. Your entry will be transformed by the paint alone! White Dove is a wonderful warm white and I think it would look great in your entry. Loving all the inspiration images too!!

  7. I too am a fellow Kentucky blogger and I love your plans for your house! Really beautiful. White and wood -- my favorite.