Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello 2014!

I can't believe you are here.  And yet, here you are, another Christmas (sadly) behind us.  

The end of 2013 was wonderful!  It was the best Christmas yet for our little family.  The kind of one that you (as parents) can't seem to push pause long enough to savor all the many magical moments.  Our hearts are full with love and gratitude.  Luke, now 6, completely and utterly gets excited about every tiny thing Christmas has to offer and Elizabeth, 2, was eager and ready to experience the joy.

This is the first time I am not working and am staying home.  I was so completely grateful to experience Christmas every minute through my little ones eyes.  It was the first time Christmas did not feel rushed, hurried, or stressful.  There were many cozy days at home baking cookies, reading Christmas books, working on our daily Advent tasks, witnessing Luke lose both of his two front teeth right before Christmas day, playing games, building legos and playing dolly.  I watched how much my two children really love each other and do selfless acts for one another (unprompted).

I was so happy to capture this moment

But, most importantly, this Christmas seemed special in that both my children seemed to understand the real meaning of Christmas and focused on the birth of Jesus.  

Luke with his Godmother.  See his toothless grin!

This Advent season, Luke did tasks/acts for others.  We received the book, Angela and the Baby Jesus, as a gift for Christmas and I read it to my children and had to fight hard to hold back the tears of joy.  

Thank you Maria!

It is by far now my favorite Christmas book. And, so my friends, I am finding it very hard to start the New Year with a bang or a cheer.  I am afraid to let go of Christmas because I know this time next year, my little ones will be another year older (and so will we)!  And, that just makes me kind of sad because we all know how fast our little ones grow up.  

Our tree

I know this week I will have to take down our decorations and I am kind of dreading it.  Our family room will feel a little lonely and bare without our tree.  I just hope that spring is waiting around the corner, because these freezing temperatures are not what I expected moving to KY!  

Happy New Year to all of you!!! 


  1. Happy New Year, Fran! What beautiful pictures of you and your kids--especially the one with Luke's arm around Elizabeth. It must be such a fun time for you and your family. Wishing you all the best in the coming year.

  2. Happy New Year! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas. The new house looks fabulous!

  3. Happy New Year! How fun to get a glimpse of where you are in the scheme of things. Enjoy those babies Fran. I know you are/will.


  4. Happy New Year Fran! It looks like you guys thoroughly enjoyed the holidays. I always hate to see them go as well but after the Eagles lost and New Year was over I was ready to start 2014 and ready for all it has to throw at us. That book is so interesting to me - I'm assuming it's the same Frank McCourt that wrote Angela's Ashes and I had no idea he wrote a children's book. I'll have to look for this one next year.

  5. thank you for your sweet comment on my kitchen post. i am so happy to have found your blog! will be following. thanks again!

  6. just happened upon your blog from your pinterest page and wow, love all your posts and that you moved to louisville. i was born there but moved the ny city after i graduated from college, many many years ago. still live near ny city but my family all lives in louisville. my dad began paul's market there in 1945.
    hope you are enjoying life there and love the colors you are going to use, love white, light and fresh whites.
    going to e-mail you about some advertising.....pve design.