Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas around the house...

I wasn't going to post until after Christmas since the Newtown tragedy.  I've been so down and I seem to cry at a drop of a pin at any given point of the day.  I am so sad for our fellow CT neighbors; I can't even remember being this down since September 11th, 2001.  But, I realize it doesn't do anyone any good to wallow.  Today, I carved out some time today to finish up some last minute decorations.  This made me forget for just a second.  Here are some snapshots....

I hope you all are enjoying the last couple of days before Christmas and are looking forward to spending time with family.  I know I am.  God bless.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Updates

Sorry for the radio silence.  I have been working a lot lately so I'm trying to spend my precious free time with my family! :)  Last weekend, we got our tree and started with the christmas decorations.  I already know what next year's resolution will be:  Start earlier with Christmas preparations!  I feel like I'm so behind the eight ball...

We've been getting our tree at Stew's for years, however, this year the tree cost $61 - yikes!  While I like their mission, we might have to try a new (and more affordable) place next year.  I'm all ears for suggestions!

Obviously, not everyone was happy after getting the Christmas tree; although, Mr. Grumpy changed his tune when we started decorating (it doesn't take much)!  

In other news, my friend is making progress on her living room.  We've narrowed down the sofa choices and she is really loving the Ryden sofa from Bernhardt Interiors.

Such a beauty with it's sleek and wide arms!  This past weekend, we've narrowed down the sofa fabric choices.  I'll post more on these updates later.  In the meantime, we're enjoying the holidays decorating, gift wrapping, going to parties and being giddy with excitement for Christmas!!