Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dining Room Mood Board & Updates

Remember this post about my dining room?  I've been slowly making updates to it.  It's taking longer than usual mainly because at 32 weeks, I find myself exhausted most of the time.  The interior designer created a mood board for the space, I simplified it, but here is the jist of it.  

My Dining Room Mood Board

The walls have been painted which I think has been the biggest transformation.  We painted over wallpaper!!  I wouldn't recommend that for everyone, but there are a lot of reasons we decided to do that.  I plan on doing a separate post on that.  

Melissa, from Windows by Melissa, is making my roman shades.  I primed and my husband painted our sideboard and we got new hardware. 
We got a new rug and we painted our existing dining room table and chairs.  Since our DR table and chairs had a finish on it, I originally planned on using an oil based primer and a latex paint.  

But, I then learned about a product from Sherwin Williams called 'adhesion primer'.  It basically allows you to prime without sanding.  It bonds tightly to surfaces considered 'unpaintable' like, ceramics, PVC piping, furniture with existing stains, etc.  This would allow me to 'skip' the sanding and actually use a latex based primer instead of an oil based primer.  Latex is a lot easier to work with.  So, I bought it and tried it. 

The true test will be time, but I have to say it was a dream to use.  Now, here comes the major setback.  My husband (who didn't even want to re-do the dining room because we're moving soon) spent a half day (while I was at work) painting the table and chairs for me.  When we brought the furniture into the room, we noticed that color on the furniture was off and not the same as the walls.  (We're painting the furniture the same color as the walls).  We re-checked the paint can to confirm that it was the right color and number, but noticed that the formula used was different from the formula used on the walls.  I am so upset.  

We will go back to the paint store to complain, but you just can't get back all the time and labor that went into painting the table and chairs.  My poor husband.  So, right now, I have to figure out what to do, but I am so deflated.   So, stay tuned....this saga will be continued......

In other news, I want to thank Elizabeth from The Mustard Ceiling for featuring my hallway yesterday on her blog - see here

I was very flattered as she is a great designer and DIYer.  Her blog is full of amazing projects!!  Thanks, Elizabeth!


  1. Wow! You guys are really making some changes. Your plan sounds beautiful and I can't wait to see it all come together. So sorry about the paint mix up - what a bummer :(

  2. can't wait to see the reveal! working on my dining room as we speak! enjoy!


  3. Congrats on the feature--that was the first I'd seen your hallway. Looks great! I'm excited to see your dining room transformation. I'm sure it'll be amazing even if there are some bumps in the road. Hang in there, girl!

  4. Oh so frustrating to have to paint all over again! But I love what you're doing, and in the end, however long it takes it's going to be beautiful and you will be proud of it. In other news, congrats on the hallway feature! Well-deserved!

  5. Love this!! I cant wait to see it all finished! and yes I agree- hiring someone for a fresh look on things is money well spent- or shall I say coffee well bought! Even designers sometimes need a fresh eye on their home. and I would totally work for free Starbucks!!! hmmm maybe I should offer that as well! LOL
    oh and your entry!!!!! *sigh* --a beauty!!

  6. There are so many things I want to comment on. First, I love the inspiration photo and the colors you picked. Second, you are 32 weeks! Congratulations!! (That's one week further than I made it with my twins.) I adore, adore, adore the hardware you picked for the sideboard and am sorry that paint didn't match for the chairs and table. Will it work as a tone on tone look?

  7. Oohhh...I'm so excited to see more pictures! I totally support the decision to bring in professionals given that you are so far along.

  8. I adore your hallway! And these are great ideas!

  9. That's terrible about the paint! But your plans for the dining room look stunning. I can't wait for the reveal! And I'm definitely going to try that Adhesion primer. We have lots of surfaces like that... :)

  10. Oh man that is SO frustrating! Are the colors complementary? Maybe they don't need to match exactly?

    Love your color scheme, it's so fresh. I'm excited to see how that sideboard turned out.

  11. Congrats on the feature! I love your plans and think the new walls in the DR look wonderful! You must be breathing a sigh of relief that the stripes are gone. Enjoy!

  12. oh i can't wait to see the side board. love the color and LOOOVE the hardware!! this room is going to be stunning. The paint looks so much better than the old wallpaper too. adore the corner cupboard! xo, tessa

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