Thursday, May 5, 2011

On the Hunt...

for some spring planters.  But, not just any planter....I am on the hunt for Smith & Hawken's round, cream "mercer" planters.

Aren't they beautiful?  Oh, how I wish Smith & Hawken's stores were still around.  Luckily, I checked Target and while they don't have these exact planters, they do have Smith & Hawken's round planters, but in copper.  I'm contemplating painting them a cream color?

Alternatively, Ikea has some cream planters that are somewhat similar in shape, but I don't know how I feel about the ridges.

Have any of you spotted any cream round planters out there worth sharing??  Is this like asking have you found a needle in a haystack??  :)


  1. Good luck with your search Fran. I do miss the old Smith & Hawken, sniff.

  2. Hi Fran. Check out the Ceramic Planters from West Elm. They're a bit pricey, but I love the wood stand. Happy Shopping,


  3. I love cream, too. Picked up one from TJ Maxx the other day!

  4. I'll keep my eye out. I do love the Ikea planters. The texture is good.

    Oh, and the copper pots are to die for. I LOVE copper. But I do understand having your heart set on something...(smile).

  5. IKEA has some big grey rustic planters that could easily be repainted. Like you, I am not digging the ridges.

  6. im looking for something similar in cream color too !! :))) So pretty and modern looking.

  7. Bromeliad's suggestion on the Ikea planters is a good one. I also saw a Martha Stewart planter in the most recent magazine but I couldn't find them on Home Depot's website.