Friday, May 6, 2011

My Patio Mood Boards

I spent yesterday morning creating three mood boards for our teensy tiny patio.  I have a small budget for this project so my objective is to shop my house and use things I already have.

Mood Board A:

The background color of the mood board is the exterior color of our house so I had to make sure that my selections coordinated with this color.  Things I already have but that will get a slight makeover are:

- wicker chairs (currently gray);  will spray paint them black
- ceramic garden stool (currently white); will spray paint apple green
- 4 x6 outdoor rug (you see in the mood board) is what I currently own

Everything else I will need to purchase: sand sunbrella outdoor cushions, navy outdoor pillows and planters.  Here is my second option:
Mood Board B:

Here, I would purchase the sunbrella rust colored outdoor cushions, outdoor celeste taupe pillows, planters and would probably create a DIY chevron outdoor rug (in orange).  Here is my last option:

Mood Board C:

Here, I would keep the same sand sunbrella outdoor cushions (as in mood board A), get these delray azure pillows, and planters.  

I have a preference of the three, but I'm curious to know which is your favorite??  

I wish all mothers and mothers to be a blessed Mother's Day!!


  1. I like elements of each of them-can I just pick and choose?!! They all look terrific. Aren't you soooo ready for warm weather, I am.

    (If you find an apple green spray paint that you like I'd love to know the brand. I'm working with a homeowner on a dining room project and we'd like to spray a few things she already owns that color. )

  2. I'm with Karen--must we choose?! They are all pretty cute. If it were me I might do the second though...

  3. I think I love mood board A, but with mood board B's rug. hahaha, sorry to make it harder on you :)

  4. Hmmm...C, I think...though I am also loving the pillows in A, too....hmmm...tough call!

  5. I agree with LEB, I like moodboard A with the rug from mood board B. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. I liked that spicy orange red as soon as I laid eyes on it!


  7. I'm really loving the second mood board. I like the rusty orange against the color of the house. Very nice! I'm sure what ever you decide will look great! Happy Mother's Day Frannie!
    -ME xo

  8. Ooh, what a tough decision. I love B because of the pop of color in the rug, but like the green and black combination of, that wasn't really a good answer, was it?!

    Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day, Fran!

  9. I am partial to Mood Board 2. I like the orange and the chevron pattern on the rug.

  10. I am really digging B! I love the combo of rust orange against the exterior color of the house with the pop of green in the garden stool! I am working on making over my patio too. I just bought some cafe string lights and I am on the hunt for an old dining table and chairs I can paint to use out there for dining al fresco this summer :)