Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Michael Penney's House

Have you seen the Michael Penney's new home in Maine?  I think it will be in the next publication of CHH, but in the meantime, check-out the inside of his living and dining room.  Click here to view the videos!

I think he is so talented!!


  1. simply beautiful..loved the tour..thanks for sharing..have a lovely visit my blog when you have a moment..xx meenal

  2. Love the pops of pink!

    Emily Hewett
    A Well Dressed Home

  3. Fran, thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed the video. He is right on the pulse of what so many of us are trying to do in our homes.

  4. I am the biggest fan of H&H. They need to put me on the payroll. They have so many great designers and inspiration on their website.


  5. Hi Fran,
    I already like because he has a similar living room bones to mine -- and that is so helpful when you are trying to decorate! You are going to laugh at me, but what is H&H? I guess I'll find out. Thanks for your sweet, sweet comment today!

  6. Fran, after you mentioned it in your comment to me, I went and checked out the videos. Very inspiring! I really loved his kitchen tour too. He took this tiny 20s kitchen and did some very subtle affordable updates to make it totally functional and stylish for today. I agree with you--he has great style!