Monday, August 30, 2010

Bloglovin': Armas Design

You need to check out this fabulous blog Armas Design.  Michelle is an artist living in Atlanta who is a graphic designer and a painter.  Her artwork is fabulous.  I love the abstract nature of her work and the colors she uses. 

I like the names she uses to title her works.  I used to like a guy named Payton back in middle school, but I have to say I like this Payton much, much more!!

Joslyn is my favorite!  She has such a bright and warm disposition.  She would be perfect in my home where I could stare at her everyday and she would be sure to cheer me up on the days when I'm feeling less than stellar.  I've given my husband a heads up since my birthday is next month! (a girl can dream, right?)  However, what I love is that Michelle showcases her art in her own home and her home is just absolutely beautiful.  Check it out. 

Love the box beamed ceiling, sputnik chandelier, camelback sofa, her Zig Zag and Wandering Pods pillows!  Is that a glass of wine I see?  Oh, this is a woman after my own heart!  And, do you see Joslyn in the background?  Isn't she gorgeous?

Love Michelle's federalist server that she found at an antique store! Isn't she a beauty?  Such a classic and timeless piece.

Her bedroom.  So serene.  

She recently recovered this chair!  I wonder if this is Hable Construction's Stripe fabric?  Either way...I love it. 
Thank you again, Michelle, for letting me share your talented work and your beautiful home!  It was a pleasure!  


  1. I agree to all of the above Fran and would like to add that Michelle also has a great sense of humor. Just lovely. Happy Monday!


  2. I LOVE her blog and artwork... just found it last weekend :)

  3. Fran, Thank you so much for this lovely post! BTW, that is hable construction fabric you spy, I found it at Designer's Atic, a must stop for fabric-files like me.

  4. Wow, I love Michelle's artwork (and gorgeous home and style). How haven't I found her blog yet? Thanks for sharing! Going there now!

  5. I would love to own one of her paintings - they're beautiful, as is her home!

  6. Wow she's got skilz! Off to check her out!


  7. Don't you love her? I'm gonna save up and buy one someday! I am proud of my fellow Atlantan :)

  8. I wish I had a talent like that, these are beautiful!

  9. I love a sputnik chandelier - my mom has one in her house. So much fun. Wow, love her home and paintings!!

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