Monday, March 15, 2010

Suzanne Kasler and Ballard Designs

Browsing through my Ballard Design catalog this weekend, I saw the Suzanne Kasler designed rooms.  Coming this fall, she'll be teaming up with Ballard to do a line of furnishings.  This is all very exciting.    Am I the last one to have just found this out???  Here is a bedroom she designed for Ballard.  Check out more here .  
Meanwhile, I couldn't resist including some of my favorites of her work.


  1. Love Suzanne Kasler's work--especially that blue dining room she did.

  2. Oh, good stuff! I absolutely love the last image with the sweet potato-y colored drapes and papered ceiling! Just awesome! You might be the second to last to know about this because I'm probably the last! HA! Thanks for keeping me up-to-date!

  3. I just finished going through my catalog and loved every minute. Her designs are so classy and have a soft feel to them. Love the ceiling in the last picture. Thanks for sharing!