Friday, March 12, 2010

Bookcase Styling

I am more a 'big picture' kind of gal, then a gal that is obsessed with the 'details'.  So it comes as no surprise to me, that I lack patience when it comes to styling.  The irony is that I love interior design and a lot of design is about the details.  With that said, I'm in the process of learning and I have to say I am appreciating the 'details' much more.  For example, eating my salad yesterday, I noticed the color of my tomato was more a persimmon red than a hot tomoto red.  Mind you, this was more a passing thought, but nevertheless, I noticed that detail.  And, that was kind of exciting for me.  Now, if you're still reading, I'm impressed because you probably thinking, "Get a life!".  So, when Emily from Emily A. Clark blog asked readers to volunteer pictures of their bookcases, I immediately thought, "Awesome!".  So, here is the 'before' picture of my bookcase.
While I love the bookcase (I scored it from Lillian August at 70% off), the styling is a sparse.  Not much pizzaz.  So, while playing fire truck with my son, I did a little of re-styling.  Here is the 'after'.  

So, what do you think?  The back of the bookcase is bothering me and I feel like it's missing something.  Maybe I need some more art learning against the back inside wall of the bookcase.  Or, I could paint the inside of the bookcase like this one - to give it more depth and pop!
Don't forget to stop by Emily's blog to view all the bookcases submitted by her readers!  Enjoy and Happy Weekend!


  1. Fran,
    It looks so nice!!! I love L.A. recogized the are so lucky...great score!
    And the one below...think I have saved...something about that combo is so appealing! Oh and the tomato...we could be related! :)

  2. You did an awesome job! Thanks for sharing it on my blog today (and for the link on yours!). I love the idea of painting the backs orange.

  3. I really adore your bookcase! Good job!

  4. I liked your bookcase the best so I hopped over to your blog to check it out and now 20 mins have passed and I am still here!! love it!! PS my 2 year old is asleep and this is the time I am actually supposed to get stuff done!! Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

  5. HI and thank you for stopping by my blog and your for your comments! I really think you improved your bookcase! It really looks good. More styled. I agree, the back should be painted something different to make the items POP. Have fun picking the new color!


  6. It looks fab! I would totally agree with painting the inside another color. It would definitely draw the eye right to it (and all the beauties inside)! I also love that little piece of framed art. The colors in it are so warm and pretty.

  7. It's so gorgeous! I love the way you styled it. Went to Emily's blog and took a peek there too!

  8. It's defiantly an improvement. I'm having trouble with our wall unit open spaces too. For this one....what seems to be bothering my eyes is the open middle space and too many small things. I think bigger is better with fewer things. Just my two cents. I'm going to take a photo of mine just to give me a fresh perspective. Hopefully it will joggle (is that a word?) my brain!

    1. I hope I didn't come across to harsh. I actually love it, but it still needs a bit more tweaking. You're a lot closer to perfect than my shelves are.