Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Dining Room Refresh

I recently completed a design for a client's dining room who I have been very lucky to work with for a while now!  She wanted to update her dining room and wasn't sure where to start. We initially talked about just changing the paint color and well, one thing led to the next, and you know how that goes! :)

Here is a breakdown of how her space will get a new look:

1) The things that couldn't change were the aqua colored window treatments and her mahogany chippendale dining room set.  To start, I wanted to break-up the all the brown in the furniture and so my client boldly agreed to PAINT her dining room chairs a creamy off-white!  The dining room table and chairs pictured above in the design board are actually hers (after she painted the chairs)!!

2) My clients LOVES audubon artwork.  I suggested a large framed audubon print over her buffet table.  It's the perfect spot for something dramatic because you immediately see it in when you enter through the front door.  The audubon's colors are fantastic and determined the rest of the color palette for the space.  Below is a more detailed shot of what I was envisioning....

3) We decided to go bold and paint the walls a beautiful blue green teal.  

4) She also has a beautiful hutch I suggested that she re-paint in a chalky, plaster like off-white color with distressed edges.  The hutch will be flanked with two Ballard Designs Louis chairs upholstered in green velvet with some contrasting welt.  

5) I suggested the Brunschswig and Fils Les Touches fabric for the pillows on her Louis chairs and a warm peacock hue check for the seats of her dining room chairs.  

6) Lastly, we will be accessorizing with a lot of blue and white accessories and bamboo accents as a nod to the hollywood regency look!  


  1. OMG Fran! This post couldn't have come at a more apropos time;) I started a blog post just yesterday about painting or not painting my dining room chairs!!!! EXACTLY like your clients.....Uncanny really! LOL!!!! Your client's pic may have solidified my decision! :) Would love to know what she used etc. to paint the chairs, the process etc.... Thank you for posting this!

  2. Fran, this is gorgeous! Love how you updated classic Southern style. Can't wait to see photos of the finished room!

  3. I've been toying with the idea of painting my dining room furniture and this post really inspires me! I'd love to know the color and/or any tips your client used on the chairs - and also what color she plans to use on the hutch? Thanks for the inspiration! I love the way the space is turning out!

  4. Similar to some of the comments above, I've been on the fence for over a year about painting my dining chairs which are almost identical to your clients..... Would love to know what paint she is using! Thanks for the inspiration!

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