Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Visiting Draper James

My husband and I escaped for a one night getaway to Nashville this past weekend and it was exactly what we needed (other than more of it, but I will take what I can get)!  It took a combination of friends and neighbors to watch my little ones at home, but I guess that is what they call, 'parent life', huh?

Nashville was great!!  First time there and I absolutely LOVED it.  The beautifully manicured residential areas with pea gravel driveways, the cool/hip stores on 12th Ave South, the pedestrian shopping areas, Franklin's downtown, Leiper's Fork, and it's very down to earth, southern hospitality and friendliness.  It all was so good.

Of course, I visited Reese Witherspoon's flagship store, Draper James.  I love Mark D. Sikes, interior designer who designed the store, and his use of all things blue and white!!

It was so MUCH better in person and I truly was inspired.  I  'geek-ed' out ALL over this store and it wasn't until I came home that it struck me why the interiors of this store really left an impression on me.

It had every element of design that I love (and I mean really, really love when creating a home).  It was one of those Oprah 'A-Ha' moments where you get to experience everything you love in one space.

The store is designed much like a home which is such a brilliant idea and concept.  When you walk in you're greeted with a large table similar to a large round pedestal table in a foyer and a beautiful plaster chandelier that hung in the store's entry.

I am obsessed with the store's lighting choices and this chandelier had a Stray Dog Design feel, but I don't believe it is from them.  It was large, beautiful and made a statement.  And, I LOVED that it was whimsical.  It seriously was the last thing I expected as one of the design elements in this southern store and it was so perfect (in my humble opinion).

Next, your eyes are immediately drawn to the back wall where dark navy grasscloth hangs showcasing gorgeous artwork and serves as a backdrop to the store's countertops which are meant to mimic a kitchen island.  And, yes, the counters are thick slabs of marble!! 

Here, the built-ins are meant to mimic kitchen cabinetry or a butler's pantry.  I adore the antique brass utility latches on the glass fronts (I recently recommended this style of hardware to one of my clients) and the style of brass hardware pulls used for the drawers.  The combination of white and gold really speaks to my love for things a bit feminine, but the brass keeps things grounded which is classic and timeless.  The library boston sconce installed above the built-in cabinetry ties in the gold and white and looks brilliant next to navy. 

Pictured above are the modern counter stools pulled up to the store's countertop.  Another element I love is the bit of California thrown into an otherwise traditional, classic and all-American mix!  

This beautiful brass and navy lantern hanging near the vibrant blue whicker chairs imitate the 'family' or living room.  

Pictured above is the 'family room' and I love how Serena and Lily's blue tonal striped dhurrie is layered over a natural fiber rug coupled with the blue Bielecky Brothers wicker lounge chairs. The chairs were SO comfortable!!

I saw dentil molding, vertically planked walls and beadboard.  Above, an example of the store's full length mirror encased in beautiful molding!  The store's walls were either pristine white backdrops or wallpapered in either beautiful paper or fabric, as shown below.  

Above is Quadrille's Palampore Stripe fabric draped on the walls with navy grosgrain trim.  Beautiful!!

Above was another favorite spot of mine. It did the perfect job of resembling a kitchen nook.  Obsessed with everything about this space.  I love Carolina Irving's Palermo (whimsical) print and Patmos Stripe on the banquette.  All these fabrics work beautifully together!  

A close-up of the gorgeous textiles with the beautiful navy and brass sconce!!  LOVE!  

The store's fitting rooms - gasp - obviously, resembling a home's bedroom and/or closet area.  I am dying to use Farrow and Ball's closet striped wallpaper in someone's home!!  Again, dark navy doors with brass fixtures!! Here, we see a repeated design element of stripes.  

I love the play of vertical and horizontal stripes in the same space!! So fun!  And, the closet hooks!!  I need these!  I found a similar type here, but not in the brass finish.   

I've used the sconce's shade fabric in a client's project before and I love it!!  Perfect for a fabric covered lampshade.  

The color scheme was definitely blue and white, but I love how Mark Sikes threw in 'yellow' to keep things fresh, young and modern.  He has such an amazing eye and love all his touches of playfulness.

I will have to save the artwork for another post - it definitely was a highlight of the store as well as, the store's bathroom, believe it or not!! 

Visiting this store did not disappoint and it confirmed all the things I love and would like to emulate in my own home.  It gave me loads of inspiration and perhaps the little shove I need to finally finish some projects. 

Case in point, I immediately purchased this rug to go in my kitchen nook! :)


  1. I want ALL the gathered fabric shades! So much goodness here.

    1. And all the wallpaper and furniture!! ;)

  2. Fran, my mouth was open during your entire post... Can I say LOVE!!! Ps. My kitchen nook is begging me for molding, wallpaper and THAT lantern!

    1. Sarah, this was SO up your alley!! Email coming!!

  3. WOW! It is stunning! My first time here and I am happy I found you!

  4. Totally agree with you, It's perfect store. I adore navy stripes. They are so elegant.

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