Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Hexagonal Table Skirt for a Client's Foyer

You might remember my Palmetto State client when I worked on giving her living room a new look?? Well, she has asked if I could help her with her entry and family den!  Thank you Kim for the vote of confidence!

My client has a beautiful foyer where she currently has a mahogany pedestal table in the center of it.

I do love a beautiful table in a foyer.  It is the perfect piece to display your treasured collections of photographs, coffee books, topiaries, and blue and white ginger jars.  It's also a wonderful way to make a great first impression when people walk into your home.  Moreover, you can tailor your vignette as the seasons change.  They are also just very functional, it's a place to set your keys and sunglasses as you walk through the door.

When putting together thoughts for her entry, I wanted to keep the table in the foyer, but I wanted to do two things specifically, 1) soften the look of the round mahogany pedestal table and 2) modernize it.

So, to achieve that, we are going to do a table skirt to soften things, but we are going to modernize the skirt so it has a tailored look.  We are going to think past the typical round shape and do a hexagonal shape.   Here is some inspiration.

I love how clean and tailored the look is and you have so many options when it comes to designing the skirt.  So, how do you achieve this shape?  One way is searching for a hexagonal or octagonal table.  They are out there, but you will need to do some digging.  If you do a search on 'card' or 'poker' tables on ebay or craigslist, you can find inexpensive tables in this shape.  See below.

Or, you can try the DIY route.  This is the route my client will most likely take and it's all about having fiberboard or plywood cut into the hexagonal shape and securing it to the top of your table.  This article comes in handy if you are considering this route.  

I will certainly share pictures when it's all said and done!!  It's going to be so pretty!!


  1. That is fascinating! I never would have thought of particle board. Genius idea. I'm sure it'll be beautiful. I can't wait to see what fabric you pick.

  2. I love this look Fran! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  3. Love a hexagonal table! I've tried to convince a few clients to try it, since my tiny foyer doesn't have the space. Can't wait to hear how the DIY method turns out!

  4. I really like the fabric on the first table, just beautiful!

  5. LOVE! Can't wait to see the finished product for this!

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