Friday, January 15, 2016

A Living Room's New Look

A new client from the Palmetto State recently contacted me because she wanted to spruce up her formal living room.  If I remember correctly, the subject of her email was titled, 'Design Help' and then preceded to say, "I know you are the person for the job!' which made me laugh.

She had all the furniture in place and was happy with her layout, but she needed help pulling it all together with new fabric selections and accessories.   In her words, she wanted 'styled', but cozy and approachable!

She ended the email saying, "Please help me as I am going crazy thinking about this room and on the verge of divorce if I can't finish this room!"  Ha!  A Southern girl with a sense of humor - my kind of girl! :)

Here is the final scheme!!

I really feel attached to this project because I adore every detail that will go into this room and selfishly want it for my own home! I can't wait to see it all come together - it is going to be beautiful!

And, now I can sleep better at night knowing my client will be married happily ever after! Wink! Wink!


  1. Perfection! I may have to email you soon as I'm thinking of possibly making a transition like you have to creating my own small business for interior design! So happy for you and all of your success!

    1. Hi Catherine! Thanks for your sweet comment! Definitely email me!! You should seriously consider it!

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