Monday, April 18, 2016

Out of Africa: Antelope Rug

I thought that title, Out of Africa, was a-pre-po given we are looking at an antelope rug for my client's family room (den).  Originally, we were considering it for her formal living room, but when the sample from Ballad Designs arrived, she thought it would be best suited for her family den.

Fast forward, she has also received a sample from Myers.  See below.

{L: Myers, R: Ballard}

More decisions still need to be made, but she really would like to have an antelope rug and I was all giddy when she was on board with that!   It really will 'up' the cozy factor in her den. Let's take a look at this beauty….

I love how something so unique and bold when looked at it on it's own can be so subdued in the right environment.  It really is the perfect neutral.  

If you have the budget, the Antelope Ax from Stark seems to be the one I frequently see in shelter magazines and such.  There are also less pricer options from Myers, Ballard Designs, and I would check out your local rug/carpet retailers.  I think Biscuit even carried them (I'm not sure if they do any more).  

So, what say you - are you a fan?  Do you own one?  I would love to know!!


  1. Love the inspiration images! I've never used antelope but I the love the look and can't wait to see how you use it in your client's home. It's going to look so good!!

  2. I love them! I don't have one, but hope to some day!!

  3. which version did you use in the images above? ballard?


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