Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More of Lewis and Riley

I don't know about you, but when I get fixated on something (for the house) I try to see if I can find other bloggers and/or designers who have used similar products in either their homes or projects.  In the case of the Lewis and Riley upholstered headboards from Pottery Barn, I found some bloggers/designers who have purchased these headboards.

This is the master bedroom from Grace Happens.  My husband particularly likes how how this Lewis Headboard (pictured above) is monogrammed.  I like it too, but I think I will save the monogram for the shams. 

Sherry, from Design Indulgence, knocked this bedroom out of the park (in my humble opinion) when she decorated her nephew's bedroom using the Lewis headboard. 

Holly used the Riley headboard in her master bedroom.  So femnine and romantic.  She particularly likes how tall it is and comfortable to lean on while reading/blogging in bed. 

Christine used the Riley headboard in her master bedroom too.  I love how fresh her bed looks with all the aqua touches!

If you know of any other bloggers or designers that you have used either one of these headboards, I'd love to know more!

On a seperate note, I'm thinking about our fellow Bostonians today (and all those at the marathon).  Praying for you.  God Bless.


  1. I'm lovin' that room Sherry pulled together. There's just something about a masculine space that gets me every time!

  2. There must be a reason this headboard is so popular!

  3. Sherry's nephew's room was really nice - I also love that last one too.

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  6. Thank you so much for including my bedroom! Every night when I lean against the headboard, I'm happy I got it! Good luck making your final decision - I can't wait to see which one you pick!

  7. im TOTALLY stealing this idea- thats actually pretty brilliant, to see if you can find other instances and/or bloggers that used the item of your obsession. almost like a test run. BRILLZ :)