Friday, June 15, 2012

A Bright Face Lift

In three short weeks, we will be flying to Connecticut to do our house hunt.  This will be an intense house hunting trip - four days with the hopes of flying back with contract in hand.  I'm preparing for our trip by making a list of our 'must see' houses.  In the meantime, I'm seeing a lot of ugly out there!!  Dark paneling, no light, low ceilings, etc.

I stumbled on this oldie but goodie renovation that was published in Southern Living a while back.  And, I think it a great before and after story....

Family Room Before:

Family Room After:

Kitchen Window Before:

Kitchen Window After:

Eat in Kitchen Before:

 Eat in Kitchen After:

Kitchen and Family Room After:

Before and After Floor Plans:

Amazing, huh?  Now, I don't think we're up for quite a big renovation project like this one, but it does get you thinking of the endless possibilities, doesn't it?  To see full article, go here.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. Good luck with your search, hope you find something you love-with a few things you don't so you can have a fun project to show us!

  2. I am keeping my fingers and toes that you fly back with your housing situation settled! Do you remember the Makeover issue of Country Living (I think Aug 2011)? There was a fabulous full-house makeover that demonstrated how a drab, dark house could be turned into a fun, light space:

    One of my personal faves!

  3. Wow...that reno is like a breath of fresh air! But whoa...what a lot of work! Good luck on the house hunt...exciting times:)

  4. Truly wishing you the best of luck and safe travels!

  5. I would LOVE to buy something like that and renovate the heck out of it, but I know that won't be happening. It is amazing how a vision can go to reality. I hope you find your home quickly on your trip to CT and looking forward to hearing about it. We put a lot of work into our current home and were told by so many people that they could never have envisioned what updates we've done - which is a compliment of course and makes us feel good about everything we did. Hope you had a nice weekend.

  6. Oh, I love seeing the old and ugly get such an awesome fresh new look! Crossing my fingers that you guys find the home of your dreams, in the short time you have!

  7. i love this feature, thanks for sharing, mustve missed it in SL. WOW what a difference!