Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Antiquing in Vienna

When we first moved here, I found loads of antique stores located in the innerstadt (downtown Vienna).  It didn't take me long to realize these stores were outrageously expensive.  They are highly specialized in European art, history, antiques and the decorative arts.  The history alone in these stores is absolutely amazing, much less the beauty!

It took me a long time to find the kind of antique/vintage stores that were more affordable and reasonable.  Here are some snapshots of what I've found on the outskirts of Vienna.

I wanted this glass jug so badly.  It was reasonably priced (not cheap) at 50 euros.  The packing and shipping home would cost me an arm and leg.  And, how I do love that scroll leg table at only 35 euros.  And, how cute are those chairs in the background?

Love this rattan bench.  How cute would this be in a girl's room, sunroom or even an entry!  I stumbled on this antique warehouse called Die Glasfabrik located in Ottakring.  WOW!  This place is a mecca for interior design lovers.  Endless inspiration in this place.  I'm going back. 

Lucite and chrome towel bars.  I might just have to get these!! :)

I actually liked the fabric on this antique chair.  

This was a gorgeous burl wood pedestal table.

I like the striped Louis XVI oval back chairs in the background and I also liked this marble industrial accent table.  

I plan on going back to pick up some little things that I can stuff in my suitcase.  I already have one (maybe two) suitcases reserved for all my finds!!  


  1. Fun stuff! I love the hunt going into stores like this. I can't even imagine some of the stores and goods that are found throughout Europe. I love that rattan bench - that's really cute.

  2. Beautiful finds! Don't you wish you could afford to take the big stuff home too. Amazing!