Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Chic Brooklyn Heights Greek Revival!


I stumbled across this incredible Brooklyn Heights Greek Revival via CWB Architects.  This project entailed a complete structural and mechanical gut renovation of this four story, 3200 sq. ft. row house and extension.

The designer?  Jennifer Eisenstadt Design and Decoration, LLC.  Why have I not heard of her before?  Check out this incredibly chic home (I believe this might be her home.)

I am completely speechless....

Keep a look out for her use of modern and vintage light fixtures.  I believe this and the kitchen's fixture might be Lindsey Adelman's bubble light which I posted about here.  I am in love!

Pocket doors, brass fixtures, modern lighting, oh my!

For real? A leopard print runner!! Brilliantly done.

Black and white graphic wallpaper and mirrored furniture - I love it.  Do you notice the ruffle trim on the curtains?  Such a nice feminine detail.  And, the brass doorknobs?  I love the dark walls in the adjourning room.  I just wish I could see more of this bedroom.  

How chic!

The marble veining in the shower, the vanity's lucite legs, hexagonal floor and wall tiles and the brass hardware are all so wonderful!

I am so using balloon shades in our next house.  Remember this post?

So tastefully done.

Do you notice how glossy the trim is?

This is probably her office, no?  What an amazing space to work in!

And, just when you thought you were done with the surprises - she throws this into the mix!  Holy Cow!  She is incredible!  The mix of the chinoiserie wallpaper with the inlaid wooden chevron floor - crazy good!

I love the primary colors and the kilim rug!  

Oh my goodness!!  So amazing!

Okay, how incredible is this home?  I can tell you that I will be studying each and every one of these pictures for a long time.  I haven't felt this inspired in a while. 

Can some magazine publish her space so I can get all the sources, please??

Jennifer Eisenstadt is my new hero!


  1. Now I am going to study every detail. So many great touches here - the leopard runner is amazing and the balloon shades might be the solution to my bed in front of the window dilemma. Thank you for this introduction Fran!

  2. I like the light fixtures the hex floor in the the way that little bar/kitchen opens up to the the built in vanity with the curvy black chair.

    Yeah, I see why you love this place.

  3. Are you kidding me? Is this real? How do I not already know about this?? What is going on? Completely

    Amy R.

  4. Thanks for sharing this beautiful home! (Love!)

  5. Wow, wow, wow. I wish I had something more clever to comment, but I'm speechless. Definitely pinning most of these pictures!

  6. the lighting in this place is off the hook. thanks for sharing!!!


  7. I live in Brooklyn Heights. Now I'm trying really hard to figure out what street this is.

  8. Wow, so inspiring, Fran! I am all over that kitchen, and the nursery is one the loveliest I've seen in a while. Great find!

  9. wowowow...every inch of this place is fantastic. Lots of patterns in the mix, but done WELL!

  10. wow, this is really amazing. so modern, so beautiful yet still liveable and eclectic! if i share this on my blog later this week, i'll be sure to give you credit!

  11. love this house!!! thanks for sharing

  12. This place rocks! Jennifer Eisenstadt has style, grace, and fun all wrapped up in this gorgeous home.

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