Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Visit to Kartell

On my way to meet my husband for lunch last week, I passed by the Kartell design store here in Vienna.  The Mademoiselle Chair caught my eye...

upholstered in a leopard print silk fabric (a collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana).   Very luxurious!  

And, here it is in the pink floral upholstered fabric.  This is so much fun and I always have had a soft spot for this one!

These optic like tables caught my eye, too!  These would be fun to add as an accent table in a more traditional space to liven things up a bit.  Or as a stool pulled up to a vanity table!

And, one day I would like to own a ghost chair - a trend that  has been popular for a long time.  I would love to throw a leopard print pillow on it to warm it up a bit!!  How about you - which piece is your favorite?


  1. Ghost Chairs are my favorite...so sleek, beautiful, and mysterious all in one chair.

  2. Lovely, lovely lucite. I think I like the little side table stool the best, although I'm also really liking the floral chair with the lucite legs.

  3. I love Cartell: I have the transparent armchairs and they look great in our living room!
    Sara C.