Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Headed to NYC

Tomorrow I head to NYC for a doctor's appointment.  While I am down there I will be going to my old hair salon, ENE, for a long overdue cut and color!  I am praying I'll have time to visit a couple of home decor spots that have been saved in my NYC file for a while.  First up, Georgia Tapert Living , a soho boutique that offers fresh, eclectic homewares that are both high and low end.  
Next up, Housing Works Thrift Shops, a chain of very popular thrift shops amongst design enthusiasts that sell jewelry, clothes, furniture and homewares.  However, more importantly, it is a charity that benefits homeless and low income people living with HIV and AIDS in NYC. 
Next up, Cafiero Select , owned by David Cafiero.  You might recognize his name from the fabulous design he did on Chloe Sevigny's apartment.
I doubt seriously if I'll make it to all these places, but a woman can dream, right?  Lastly, I would love to hit the upper east side and go to Roberta Roller Rabbit store.  I adore all their fabrics and I've been eyeing their beach bags!


  1. Hope all goes well. These stores look fab!

  2. Oh my... I have a list of things I'd like you to pick up for me! Especially at RRR! Good luck at the Doctors and let me know what you you end up with.

  3. I looks like you were in for a treat. Hope it was great!


  4. You need to make it to all of them! Take pics for us...have fun

  5. Hey Fran!

    Housing Works is so, so fab. My best friend bought a mirror from there, and i perused the site for awhile and found some great stuff. i wish they were closer!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. hope you're having fun! can't wait for a recap to see where you ended up and what you ended up taking home!