Monday, July 12, 2010

Color Inspiration: Stuart Creal

This weekend I was browsing through my recent BHG and read an article about color.  Color is one thing I absolutely love, but I find it to be intimidating at the same time.   In the article, they referred to a connecticut based color consultant, Victoria Stuart Burke , to give some advice on picking the right color.  When I found out she was based in CT, I googled her.  Oh, and was I happy I did.  
This room is so fantastic.  All the vibrant colors go so well and aren't overpowering.  Do you see the sofas?  Is that crewel fabric with brass nailhead?  Beautiful!  And those greek key stools and how about the animal print upholstered ottoman!?! Gorgeous.  
Victoria Stuart Burke is a talented colorist who started her own business called Stuart-Creal Studio.  She has spent the past 25 years working with designers and the like providing color consultations and painted finishes.
Love the blue and orange.  Those chevron drapes are amazing!  Did you notice how the bedding is simple and neutral?  I think it because it allows the walls and drapes to take center stage!  This bedroom is so cool!
I love the classic black and white marble tiled floor with the large botanical prints!  But, what grabbed my attention were the turquoise/aqua frames!  Such an unexpected color for the frames!
This is beyond words.  Love the colors green, blue and all the shiny surfaces that reflect light - glass and silver.  I can't tell if the cabinets are lacquered or maybe just painted glossy??  Not sure.  And, if you haven't had enough,...
Look at that high gloss lacquered orange walls paired with the magenta upholstered Louis chairs!  In my opinion, this color combination is fail-safe!  Maybe it is the adventurous side of me, but the orange and magenta is so exotic especially paired with the zebra skin rugs.  Oh, I also love the banquettes with the paisley pillows!  If you still haven't had enough, check out more here.  She's one talented woman!


  1. Great images - I love color! And I am adoring the fabric on the sofas in the first photo. Happy Monday!

  2. It so nice to see all of the colors together. I love the cabinets in that 5th image.


  3. Wow, nice post, Fran! That first image with the black edge around the ceiling moulding is killer and that glass turquoise chandy in the orange dining room... WOW! Victoria Stuart Burke is really something, and in Connecticut, too! Hmmm... I wonder if she has a studio near by?
    -ME xo

  4. Great inspiration. My fave is the green china cabinet with soft blue lighting. Yummy!

  5. lacquer, navy stripes, orange -- this is a girl after my own heart!

  6. brave & beautiful...she's not scared! love it.