Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pantry love

I love the simplicity of this pantry.  It's perfection.  I love how everything is visible.  This is the pantry of the uber talented emersonmade who makes those gorgeous handmade flowers.  Have you seen them?  They are wonderful!  Anyway, I saw her home featured on Design*Sponge this week.  I related to her comment explaining how she likes to see everything at once because they eat mostly unrefined products - no sugar, flour or processed ingredients.  We've recently changed out diets after reading a couple of books on real food and have been following suit.  It's been great (but v. time consuming).  I currently have my jars in my kitchen cabinets, but one day (when we have a kitchen big enough to hold a pantry), I envision having a shelving type unit with loads of jars lined up filled with rice, beans, oats, nuts, spices, etc.  


  1. There is not one thing to not love about htis pantry! Not ONE thing. The baskets, the jars, and everything else is the beez kneez.

  2. This pantry is perfection, I wish mine had even the slightest bit of order like this one. I love your blog, just found it and I am enjoying reading thru older entries.