Sunday, February 28, 2010

NYC's best kept secret

This weekend I bumped into a high school acquaintance that I haven't seen since graduation.  (Trust me, it has been a long time).  We went to high school in Brussels, Belgium.  The kicker - we bumped into each other at the Ikea returns line in New Haven (out of all places)!  Crazy....anyway, she currently lives in NYC and I couldn't help but somewhat envy her.  Oh, how I miss living in NYC.  So, I thought it appropriate to share one of NYC's best kept secrets....a wonderful boutique called Penine Hart Art and Antiques .  Penine, a former gallery owner, has the most amazing things at affordable prices.  She gets a lot of her items from flea markets, estate sales and the french country side.  My favorite part is that her boutique doubles up as an art gallery.  If you're ever in NYC, definitely go to visit.
Artist: Jeanne Hedstrom