Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Helping a Client Select Fabrics

I recently helped a client decide which fabrics to use where in her soon to be baby's nursery.  She already had the fabrics selected, but needed help putting it all together.  We discussed what fabrics would look good as window panels, crib bedding, pillows and on upholstered furniture. She was particularly on the fence with whether to do solid fabric with trim or a fun print as the window panels.  I suggested the fun print as I think it can really make a fun statement!

If your budget is flexible, I think picking a fun print as window panels can make all the difference.

Above is NOT the design of my client, but rather an example I created using a fun print as panels.  I have always wanted to use Katie Leede's 'Thebes' fabric!

If you need help designing a room, please feel free to contact 'me'!