Monday, September 28, 2015

Ideas for our Kitchen Nook

So, I need to put some 'lipstick' on our pig kitchen nook (so to say).

In other words, make our kitchen nook pretty but on a shoe string budget.  Using things I already have or purchasing on the super cheap while saving for the long-term and bigger project - renovating our kitchen.

Here is a little design board I threw together.

Here is some more inspiration:

For starters, I'll be using these woven shades I picked up from Lowe's 6 months ago on clearance for $5 each.  Next, I purchased a beefy oak pedestal table on EBTH for next to nothing (see below).  I'm 90% sure I'll be painting this baby white!

What's left - paint walls, new light fixture (am considering this in nickel) and perhaps new chairs (am considering these)!  I also would like to keep this space kinda of fun and would like to use white gallery frames to hang my kid's artwork. 

So, there you have it!!  Hoping to get things started relatively soon!!  Gotta find mojo to sand and paint that table! :)  Happy Monday!

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  1. Love this! I just used that expression last night to describe how the previous owners "dressed up" our kitchen!