Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Project Updates

Do I dare say that we are halfway through summer?  It's going by at break neck speed and I just want to push 'pause'.  Anyone else feel the same way?

I've been doing a little work here and there.  One project is helping one of my closest girlfriends, who lives in Maryland, with her sunroom.

My girlfriend has great taste so she really doesn't need my help, but I introduced her to Serena and Lily and suggested ways to 'freshen' up her classic taste.  We visited her home over the fourth and I should've taken pictures because it is so great!!  

And, I am helping a new client with her family's great room.  Her room is big - so we've broken it out into sections.  This is the inspiration for her TV area (for lack of a better word).  She wanted to showcase her family photos and actually hang the flatscreen on the wall.  

She just ordered the console and I love the Serena and Lily baskets underneath which are great for holding toys, DVDs and/or blankets.  She will probably go with a different rug, but I love the light gray herringbone here!