Thursday, March 26, 2015

Window Solutions for Two-Story Windows

Do you have one of those gigantic two-story windows?

Are you at a lost for what to do with that large two story window?  I recently was approached by a friend for some suggestions.  She has a similar window (to the one pictured) and here is my suggestion to her.
The two-story window is so large that even if you frame part of the window (i.e. the wings of the window) with panels, you won't sacrifice much natural light coming through the main window.  And, depending on your preference, you can always open and close the panels to let in more or less natural light.  The top portion (half circle) of the window acts as a transom and should not get covered.

Now, to finish it off, I would put a roman shade (my preference is woven) behind the panels.  It should be hung at the same height as the top of your panels so as to create a unified line across the window.  This will help pull all the elements together.

Here is a mock-up I drew up if you have this type of window.

This mock-up, at least, gives you a visual of how all the elements are supposed to look and work together.  What do you think?

When you enter the room you'll eye will be drawn to the back of the room where the window is and to the views to the outside.  And, if you have a ceiling fan in your two story room, I would replace it with some sculptural (like the lantern) to give the room some presence.  You have the height so you might as well maximize it!!

Hope this helps!

PS:  Drapes shown are PB Velvet Panels.  Lantern can be found here.


  1. you can work magic. Such talent and I'm thankful you share it.

  2. Wow, this is great, I'm going to try this. I never thought of treating the top window as a transom.