Sunday, February 22, 2015

Design Project: My SIL's Great Room

My brother and sister-in-law recently relocated from Belgium to Annapolis this past summer and moved into their newly built home (of their dreams) over Christmas.  My SIL has asked me to help her with the design of her family room which is a literally a great room that sits right off of their kitchen.  They are a very active family (she used to be a NCAA runner) and have two young boys.   I am so happy for them, but selfishly wished they lived in KY! :)

My SIL loves the color gray and likes things a little monochromatic when it comes to color.  She is a bit more modern and rustic in her taste of furnishings.  She has asked for my help because she has enjoyed seeing the progress in my own home.

Here is the inspiration I drew up for them:

I picked a warm gray for the walls (SW Intellectual Gray) which will contrast nicely with the PB ivory velvet drapes.  What you don't see is a fireplace that'll be flanked with two white built-in bookcases that they are having custom made (hopefully)!

The RH Belgian Wingbacks in sand linen (two of them) will flank the fireplace, but will also serve double duty when they are entertaining as head chairs at the dining table.   Similar to below.

I already sourced the sofa from a local furniture store, and it will sit in front of the bank of windows.  She has ordered it in gray fabric blend that will stand the test of time!  The sofa in the design board is the exact sofa she purchased.

I chose a lighter top coffee table so it can contrast nicely with the sofa.  I found two options - one from Target and one from Crate and Barrel.   I love the side table in my design board, but it is pricey.  In all likelihood, she'll will probably end up with something like this or this (more realistic).  And, the rugs in the design board are from PB and Serena and Lilly.  I always think it is important to throw a bit of vintage or an antique in there to keep it from feeling too predictable.

I hope you enjoyed it and I'm excited for her to start decorating and to watch her progress!!


  1. This looks great Fran - I'm excited to see your SIL make some progress. There are a lot of great side table options out there - and I'm always pleasantly surprised by the selection at Target. We have one in our LR and the one that I recommend for the New Britain project is a nice option as well. I feel like they had one similar to the one on your board when I was there last time. At any rate, this looks great and you'll have to post some updates as things progress.

  2. Oh what fun! I can't wait to see the finished result, especially the bookcases.

  3. Fran,
    I love how "Belgian" it all feels and I love it! Your SIL is very lucky to have you.
    Thanks for sharing. Love all your idea boards.