Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Perfect Secretary Desk with Hutch

Did you see this picture on IG from Ballard Designs?  It stopped me in my tracks the other day when I was viewing my IG feed.  It's simple and refreshing.  It's effortless.  I love the subtle holiday touches - undecorated table top tree, red pillows, acorns in lanterns, berry wreath and berry branches in copper pot.

But, even more, I love the secretary desk with hutch in the background and immediately looked on BD for that particular piece.  It's called the San Marino Secretary Desk with Hutch and comes in many colors.

I have the absolute perfect spot for this piece.  This is the piece I NEED that would sit in our family room and would serve as my command central (I don't have a place/desk in our kitchen).  It could store my calendar, computer, incoming mail, to-do lists as well as the kid's paper, crayons, study aids and coloring books.

I love the clean lines and the fact that it has a hutch with glass doors to store my pretty things and keep things open and airy, but the desk has closed storage cabinets and drawers on the bottom which is a necessity.  It's perfect…..until……

I saw the $2K plus price tag!!  What?  I am just shocked that a retail box store really makes a furniture piece worth this price tag.  Am I wrong?  I am assuming it isn't hardwood.  The description says veneer so is it veneers on top of mdf??  Who knows.  I can't imagine people pay this price when it isn't hard wood.  But, it sure is beautiful to look at……

I know I can find an antique secretary for a quarter of this price, but a lot of them aren't big enough or don't have the clean lines that I am looking for.  This piece meets both those needs.

Who knows maybe one day I'll score this piece at the outlet store, but until then I can just dream…..


  1. I've been looking for a piece like this as well. It would look beautiful in your home for sure!! Keep your eyes out and your fingers crossed. :)

  2. Yeah, that price is a little high when there are well made vintage pieces to be found. I bought my secretary about 3 years ago at an estate sale for about $300. I've been going back and forth about painting it lighter than the mahogany it is. It's not a priceless antique, but made in the 40's. The finish is full of "patina." Do you ever look on your local "" I've found it to be really useful to scope out potential sales since they post lots of pics of what they're going to be selling. It saves a lot of time too, knowing what kind of things they have before driving to the estate sale. Good luck, Fran!

  3. Yikes! I'm gonna be on the lookout for you! But I know what you mean, usually older pieces are curvy and more ornate, but man $2k is kinda ridiculous. Just hold out, girl! You know your dream piece is out there at a fraction of that price. ;)

  4. Yikes is right!! Yowsa. But it is very pretty. You'll find something similar hopefully in your travels.

  5. It is beautiful & would be wonderful in your house. However, I'm right there with you on the prices at the big stores vs. vintage/antique, especially regarding the quality that you get. It's kind of a little secret that us lovers of old things have found out ;)

  6. You are right...WAY overpriced. The right piece will come, be patient;) If it is meant to be it will be;) You will find exactly what you are looking for. Good things come to those who wait;)

  7. I love that, too! I have a spot for it at my new house.