Friday, September 5, 2014

See what I am loving...

Happy Friday!!  

While this week was a short week, it was a very productive week on the home front.  I felt like things were just clicking with my decorating choices.  Does that ever happen to you?  Where it just works and it feels like an 'A-ha' moment.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - I love this color scheme for a master bedroom.  It's a departure from the predictable blue, but I think it still reads serene and relaxing.  I would paint the walls a creamy white and then use the green on the trim.  This artwork has the perfect colors and the green pagoda lantern is my new favorite light which would complement the green on the trim.  The sister parish fabric would look adorable as a bolster on the bed and as window treatments.  I would used the PB oversized gilt frames as frames to add some gold touches.  I have used these frames before and I love them.   

6 - Would love a wicker umbrella basket for our entry way.  

7 - I need new flatware STAT and currently like this style.  Do you have flatware that you love?  Please share!  

Next week I will post the design board for our entry and show you pictures of our entry walls finally painted in the new color!  


  1. Ooh...I love this too! I think I pinned the print from you a while back. Great inspiration for sure. Enjoy your weekend Fran!

  2. Oh fabulous choices..... I have been eyeing those PB frames myself - glad to here that you love them. And yes, I feel like I have had some A-ha moments lately too.

  3. Love it all, Fran! Just beautiful! Great flatware. BTW, I have the wicker umbrella stand from Ballard's and it has a metal tray inside the bottom to catch the drips…really love it.

    1. Just went to the link for the umbrella stand you pictured above and it has a drip tray too. Never heard of that website, but they have nice things…thx for sharing!

  4. We are also in need of new flatware & I love that one. Where did you find it?? I'll be checking the comments to see if anyone has suggestions, because that is near the top of my list of "must buys".