Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day and Miscellany

For all you mothers/grandmothers/moms-to-be, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I did - I received a card from my son with a coupon for "5 free chores"!  I can't complain about that!

On Mother's Day, we tend to think of our own moms and thank them for all that they sacrificed.  For as long as I could remember, my mother was always 'giving' - her love, time, gifts to others, her "shirt off her back", etc.  This year, I made a couple of lemon cakes and gave them to some of my favorite 'moms' here in Louisville.  In many ways, the act of giving reminded me of my mom.  I was very thankful.

In other news, right before we left for vacation, I spruced up our front entry and back deck with some small updates.  Nothing major.  For our front door, I spray painted two terra cotta containers black and planted mini boxwoods and got a new doormat.

I don't love the black pots, but they are fine for now.  In case you're wondering, my inspiration for our front is something like this….

I also planted two containers/planters (that I bought in CT for a steal) and planted them with my favorite flower - geraniums.  My mom always had red geraniums planted in containers during spring time.  I love geraniums and lavender.

I SO want to paint our deck gray, but it isn't high on our priority list of things to do right now.  Our old house (in CT), the side deck was painted gray and I loved it.   See below.

I love the color combination of honey brown with gray and touches of either green or powder blue.  Rene, from Cottage and Vine, just painted her deck gray and it is lovely!

Ok, I know this post is all over the place so I'll stop while I am ahead.  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!


  1. Ha! My post was much more all over the place today :). Love your changes Fran! Thanks for the shout out! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  2. Fran,
    My, your lemon breads look lovely. A neighbor used to always make the best lemon breads and share them with us. I miss her so much but love her recipe. They are wrapped so elegantly. Did you find the packaging from "Everyday Occasions?"
    My back porch is painted gray and my patio is all stone, which I love. Gray always goes well with nature in every season.
    Love Rene - I sketched her home years ago - she is always so inspiring.

    1. Hi Patricia, I found the ribbon from Everyday Occasions, but everything else from Michaels. But, I am definitely inspired by Jenny's blog ! Oh, how I would love an all stone patio!! Maybe some day!

  3. I like the random tidbit posts :) I'm a big fan of geraniums as well. I picked up a white one and a few red ones. They are a nice pop against our pale blue/green siding that we can't wait to update one of these days. I'll probably post some of my outdoor updates soon. It's one of my favorite times of the year. Those lemon breads look so good and such a nice gesture. I too enjoy giving.