Monday, April 7, 2014

Some Great AFFORDABLE Buys

The month of April is a crazy one for us - family visiting from out of town, baseball/swimming/tennis starting, Luke's birthday, Easter, etc.  So, the past couple of weeks, I have been working hard to get the house somewhat presentable.  I'm happy to report progress is being made (slowly, but surely).  I promise I will have some reveals soon.  At any rate, I wanted to highlight a few purchases I've made that have hit the mark (from a style perspective) and have been real easy on the wallet.

First, E's rug.  The great thing is that it is soft (chenille) even though it is part jute.  I would definitely feel comfortable using in a nursery/children's room.  And, I got a 5x8 for $114.00.

Next up, have you checked out Ikea's bedding lately?  They have some very cute options.  I picked up the Emmie Land Duvet and Shams for $19.99!   Plan to use it in our guest room.  

I love how this blogger used it in her bedroom.  

And, this blogger.

Next up, new lamps I purchased for our family room.  They are SO much better in person.  And, I got them more than 60% off at the outlet so it was a no brainer.  

Suzanne Kasler's gourd lamps in Camel.  They are beautiful - I've bought a lot of lamps in my life and these just scream high quality.  I know I will have these a long time and I love the neutral color.  Ballard Designs is holding a 20% everything sale right now.  

Do you see Luke's artwork in the background above?  I have a budding artist on my hands.  

Excuse the wrinkled linen pillow and the non-existent drapes.  One thing at a time…..:)  Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!  


  1. Lovely! There is nothing like a visitor or house guests to motivate one to nest. I love your affordable finds. I think I have a lamp addiction.

  2. I was just looking at those very lamps this morning. Love seeing them in context.

  3. Great finds! I'm a huge fan of the Ballard lamps.

  4. I think you just got me to buy a rug. I've been himming and hawing over a rug for A's room and I think I just might make the purchase right now. And my friend, these things take time, so take your time getting your house together. I bet these small improvements went a long way. And that bedding is IKEA? I was just there and didn't see these although I did not look thoroughly at the bedding section. I was strictly there for lamp shades and drapery panels.

  5. Gorgeous lamps, and Luke's artwork is fab!

  6. I HAVE seen that toile Ikea bedding and commented several times that I wish I had a place to use it. It's lovely and I hope you'll share the guest bedroom space it's going in!

  7. Those are great lamps! And you are so smart taking your time decorating your home. I wish I would have slowed down when we were first married...I would have had a lot less buyer's remorse. Now I'm slowly taking things to consignment or putting things in garage sales so I can replace with things I truly love. I have that Ikea bedding in twin size in my daughter's room and it's really pretty! And Luke's art looks great on your shelf!