Monday, April 28, 2014

My Little Haven

A couple of weeks ago in anticipation of house guests, my husband painted our guest room.  It originally was a very ugly yellow color.  I chose BM White Dove to paint it.  Partly because, I prefer a neutral background which will allow me to add pops or hints of color.

I also plan to use the guest room as my office. Hopefully, it'll provide a space where I can sit down in the wee hours of the morning and be inspired!

In progress...

This snapshot houses some of my favorite things - a vintage painting from etsy (love Amy's shop), a victorian antique chair my husband's great grandfather carved, a blue and white porcelain lamp, bamboo pens gifted by a friend, a sliver plated footed bowl found antiquing, etc.  

When I first inherited the victorian chair, I wasn't a big fan, but I knew how much it meant to my husband.  Now, I really like it.  Isn't it funny how your style changes over the years? Personally, I think the chair makes this little space come to life.

Not only did my husband's great grandfather make the chair, but his great grandmother needlepointed the seat. There is so much more to do to this room (isn't that always the case?), but at least I have my little work space set-up!  Happy Monday!


  1. Fran,
    House guests sure are motivating! I am having some shelving built in anticipation of my college sons returning from their Junior Year.
    Lovely chair and how wonderful that you gave it a place of honor.
    Love to see your work space when you are ready. So pretty - all your blue and white.
    Happy Monday to you.

  2. What a lovely spot Fran! Yes, I agree, tastes change over time and I think we also treasure special pieces from family more too.

  3. What a nice start to your guest room/office. I'm totally loving the chair, and the story behind it makes it even better :-)

  4. Such a pretty little spot Fran and you've already put your touch on this room. Is White Dove also the color that you've used on your first floor as well? I think it might be but I can't remember. I've been contemplating what color to do for our home and have considered white but I really have no idea just yet. I really like the painting above and thanks for the new Etsy shop to check out. I also enjoy Salt and Ginger and Ashley's shop. Those are two that I browse often so I'll have to add Amy to my list. And what a great story behind that chair. I think as we get older we appreciate things so much more. I'm STILL getting Allison's room together but one of my favorite things is my Mom's crewel work that she had done in 1973. I'm still in awe of her work.

  5. Love the blue and white and bamboo and I am wishing for a monogrammed tissue box! Adorable spot!

  6. It is so, so pretty, Fran! We opted for "White Dove" in our living room (which we're currently still painting) and I love how fresh it makes a room feel.

    The lamp, the chair, the desk, the accessories--it's all so wonderfully composed.