Monday, May 13, 2013

Stanton Home Furnishings

Have you heard of Stanton Home Furnishings based in Atlanta, GA?

Founded by Jimmy Stanton, his look is relaxed, elegant, comfortable and affordable.  I stumbled across them while hunting for a dresser for my daughter's room.  Very cool furniture!!
Case in point - the Duval chest.  Love it!  Wisteria has one very similar to it which I almost purchased it for E's room, but it was too small.  Boo.  But, it looks very similar to the dresser used in this bedroom. 

I saw the Brayden Arch mirror and it looks very similar as the mirrors used in Amber Interiors bedroom she recently completed.  It might be the very same ones and I love them!

 I also saw these Zimmerman side tables and I immediately recognized them from one of the homes for sale that Joni listed on her blog.  They are so unique.

Another, side table that caught my eye was the Stuart side table seen below.

While not 100% similar, it reminded me of some bedside tables I saw in Ashley Goforth's portfolio.  

If you're interested in seeing more of his look and style, you should go here.  Wonderful inspiration to start off  your Monday!!  I hope all the moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I sure did!! :)


  1. Glad you had a happy Mother's Day, Fran. I have not heard of Stanton and I visit my parents in Atlanta frequently. Wonder if they have a retail storefront? Off to check it out!

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  3. Great displays of furnishings, Just love it!

  4. I've been looking at some Green Homes in Tennessee and just marvel at the technologies available now

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