Friday, May 17, 2013

Better than I expected...

My friend's living room is coming together - all the furniture pieces are in place.  Yesterday, Crate and Barrel's clairemont coffee table and side tables arrived and they are gorgeous!  I had heard about the clairemont collection through other bloggers/designers, but seeing it in my friend's living room exceeded my expecations. 

They are super heavy and the bottom shelf (an antique finished mirror) just really elevates the entire piece.  If you're looking for a way to lighten up your room, these pieces with the metal, glass and mirror really add a lot of reflection and shine.  Gorgeous!  Truly a great investment! 

I am praying my friend keeps the side tables; her husband likes another set of wooden side tables better.  If she keeps them, they will flank her custom couch and each will sit in front of floor to ceiling windows.  Kind of like this look:

She is also doing a layered rug approach with a 9x12 sisal and a smaller 5x7 rug.  Eventually, she wants to find the perfect antique persian, but in the meantime, I spotted this John Robshaw totem dhurrie (on out of all places) and I think it'll do a great job of pulling together the indigo she has in the room.  It's a great price.

In other news, I've been doing some much needed spring cleaning and I am finally letting go of some really nice fabrics I've been hoarding for some time.  Next week I plan on having a fabric/textile sale on my blog.  Stay tuned!!


  1. A client of mine already had that coffee table when I went to help her with some other spaces and I adore it. When I went to help her mom lighten up her own living room we looked at several different options, but in the end chose the same C&B table her daughter had. Good taste runs in the family.

    Can't wait to see what fabric goodies you'll have up for sale!

  2. Following your posts, I think we have the same taste!! I splurged on that coffee table a few years ago (I used a coupon and some gift money to get the price down and to rationalize the cost), and I can honestly say it's my favorite piece of furniture in my home. It makes my living room, because it adds so much light to the room with the reflective glass. It is heavy though! I'm trying to talk my mom into buying one for her living room, but she can't get over the price. I told her for a couple of hundred dollars more than some other coffee table, it will make her happy every time she sees it and she'll have it forever.